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STUDENT DEVELOPMENTS Volume 8 Winter 2012 Issue 2 A Message from the Deans Inside this Issue... Dear Wagner Community, Spring Happenings 2 Study Abroad 2 Resident Assistant Selection 3 Peer Leader Selection 3 Career Development Events 4 Student Success Seminars 4 Housing Selection 5 First Year Residential Experience (FYRE) 6 MLK Agents of Change Awards 6 Happy New Year! It is hard to believe that 2012 is already upon us. We hope that you are enjoying your break and getting ready for your return to a new semester at Wagner. The New Year often brings time for reflection and a time to consider new resolutions. During this time of reflection and fresh starts, the Campus Life team wants all members of our community to think about safety on campus. When residential students at Wagner were surveyed in 2011, more than 97% of students indicated that they feel safe on campus. Although this is clearly a testament to the strong sense of family and community at Wagner, sometimes feeling so comfortable and safe means that students become relaxed about taking measures to ensure safety. Please always remember to lock your doors to residence hall rooms when you are not at home, and stay in groups when you are out for the night or in the city. Additionally, be sure to take a charged cell phone with you and let others know where you are going. Finally, please report any concerns to either the Office of Public Safety (718.390.3148), the Office of Residential Education (718.390.3420), or the Dean of Campus Life Office (718.390.3423). Public Safety also has an anonymous reporting feature on their website: In terms of your personal resolutions, it is the start of a new semester so now is the time to make some changes to your Wagner College experience. How can you improve your study habits? How prepared are you for internships, or employment and graduate programs after college? Have you considered studying abroad? What are some ways that you can get involved on campus to develop your leadership and time management skills? The offices within the Division of Campus Life offer a multitude of opportunities for you to develop your personal and professional skills. Read on for more information about these opportunities in this newsletter. Make a New Year’s resolution to challenge yourself and participate in things that are new to you. This newsletter is full of events and programs in which you can participate to enhance your experience at Wagner. We look forward to seeing you around campus this semester! Sincerely, Ruta Shah-Gordon Assistant Vice President of Campus Life Curtis Wright Associate Dean of Campus Life Sara Klein Associate Dean of Campus Life

Campus Life Winter 2012 Newsletter

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