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STUDENT DEVELOPMENTS Volume 9 Issue 2 Fall 2012 A Message from the Deans Inside this Issue... Co-Curricular Programs 2 Intramurals Schedule 3 Center for Academic and Career Engagement 4, 5 Residential Education 6 Center for Health and Wellness 7 Connect to Campus Life Online 8 Dear Wagner Community, We hope that all of you and your loved ones are safe. We know that Hurricane Sandy has caused much destruction along the eastern seaboard affecting so many families (many of whom are our own Wagner families) and we hope that any damages to your physical property can be addressed as we move forward during the next few weeks and months. As a Wagner community, we are fully committed to assisting those in need right now. The Student Government Association is serving as a clearinghouse for all volunteer efforts and donations from the Wagner community. Please visit the website to find out how you can get involved. If you or someone that you know has been personally affected and needs assistance, please contact any of us in the Dean’s Office by email (see below) or phone 718-390-3423 and we will be glad to sit with you to talk and/or figure out next steps. We urge you to keep your personal health and well-being and that of your friends at the forefront. Reverend James Smith, our Chaplain (x3281), any of the folks in our chaplaincy (Sister Elaine Schenk, Rabbi Unger), and our counselors (x3158) are available to assist you through this difficult time in addition to the campus life staff and your advisors. Please utilize these and other resources you have on campus to stay healthy and engaged. Sincerely, Ruta Shah-Gordon Sara Klein Assistant Vice President Dean of Campus Life Campus Life & Internationalization and Engagement ( ( Curtis Wright Dean of Campus Life and Leadership (

Campus Life Newsletter Fall 2012

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