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SUMMER 2013 MICHIGAN CHAPTER MS CONNECTION NEWSLETTER REAL ESTATE ONE GETS BEHIND FATHER’S FIGHT AGAINST MS BY SH AW N W R IGHT When Steve Katsaros’ daughter, Dianna Darling, was diagnosed 10 years ago with multiple sclerosis, a myriad of thoughts went through his head. STEVE KATSAROS AND HIS DAUGHTER DIANNA DARLING AT BIKE MS, 2011 “When something like that happens, it’s an eyeopener for everybody,” Katsaros said. “In our family, we don’t have any history of MS. We’ve had a very close friend who was diagnosed with MS who went to the same church as us. (But) all you have is a visual of this person that as she went through life got progressively worse. She has been in a wheelchair for the last 20 years.” “That’s the mental stigma you have, especially when you don’t know - so many people don’t know the effect of the disease and the ramifications.” Darling, 34, made it a priority to not let the diagnosis slow her down. “It’s part of me being a little, stubborn Greek girl. That’s just how I’ve always been,” Darling said. “The words ‘no’ or ‘I can’t handle or do it’ hasn’t been acceptable. I knew that I would be worse if I went into the ‘woe is me’ stage.” (Continued on page 12) INSIDE 2 THIS ISSUE LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT 6 RESEARCH: EXERCISE AND THE BRAIN 8 PROGRAMS & SERVICES: SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS 13 FUNDRAISING: WOMEN ON THE MOVE LUNCHEON

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