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Daniel Adeyemi MA901DA Computer Spectrum(CIS) – Assignment 1 1) What is the difference between information technology and information systems? Describe some of the functions of information systems. In your answer include two examples of information technologies and two examples of information systems. Information Technology is a term that encompasses a variety of areas linked to computing. This includes design, software, hardware and programming. An example of Information Technology is the world wide web. Invented in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee i, “The World Wide Web was designed to bolster the sharing and availability of information�ii Another example of Information Technology is a Word Processor e.g. 'Open Writer' This is used for the formatting, editing and production of piece of text. Information systems are of great benefit to any company/organisation that want to make there business more efficient. They are used to help organize, process and store data. A good example of this is the lexical database program called Wordnet. Designed at Princeton University under the direction of George A. Milleriii. This program is primarily used to support automatic text analysis and be a more user friendly version of thesaurus/dictionary. Another example of an Information System is the 'Oyster Card' ticket system used in London to travel on public transport. This makes use of a contactless smartcard to give users the ability to 'top up' their oyster card with money and use it to travel around London while collecting data on where the user has been on their travels. The difference between Information Systems and Information Technology is that Information Systems are more based around a network of humans and computers working together to make the overall processing of data more efficient. Where as Information Technology is more technology based. It's strictly the use of computers and software to make data more efficient. 2) You are a marketing manager for a national movie theatre chain. Give an example of three pieces of data that your department could use for creating meaningful information. What type of information could that data produce? There are numerous things you need to think about when marketing a national movie theatre chain. You need to know certain information about your customers, the locations of your movie theatres, what type are movies are popular a certain time. A useful piece of data for a marketing manager could be the number of customers/ the age of customers going to the the chain of movie theatres. This data could be used to group the customers into age groups and give a percentage of what age groups the movie theatres are popular with. Another useful piece of data is the films being shown and a list of film genres, this could be used to group the films into genres, so they can be marketed to the right audience. 3) You work at the business headquarters for a chain of movie theatres. Describe this firm's information business value chain. Provide an example of each stage in the value chain. The information business value chain for a movie theatre would involve Research & Development this would handle the issues of improving the chain of movie theatres for maximum customer experience of visiting the movie theatre. Marketing & Sales, this would handle the way the movie theatres are marketed towards the customers and what films would be shown at each movie theatre. Customer Service, an example of this stage would be the company thinking of ways to make there movie theatres pleasing enough to there customers that they would return again and attract new customers with their excellent customer service. Design of services would also be part of the firms information business value chain as it would be used to make sure the movie theatres are of adequate design to attract the customers and give them a pleasant experience.

Computing Spectrum(CIS)

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