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Red and Black Montgomery County Public Schools Northwood High School 919 University Blvd. W Silver Spring, MD 20901 Volume 1 - Issue 2 February 2010 Northwood High School A Cheering Success By Dean Michelsen “North-wood, North-wood, Northwood” was the chant heard as the fans waved their arms from side to side during the Montgomery County Cheerleading Championships at Blair High School on Saturday, November 21st. With a confident performance and a noisy crowd, the Gladiators were able to take home first place and the Spirit award. The performance enabled the lady Gladiators to hold off BCC and Rockville, who finished second and third respectively. Throughout the competition, the Gladiator fans remained standing and started numerous chants to secure the Spirit award. As the announcement was made, the Lady Gladiators and their fans stormed the court jumping up and down in celebration. “When they were announcing the winners, I was so nervous because there were so many amazing teams. When they called our name for first place and the Spirit award, I jumped up and snatched the trophy. I was overjoyed,” said junior cheerleader Ashley Davis. Coaches Crystal Greenwood and Corrie Ortega made up the complex routine. The first place mark is a result of dedication and hard work. “They did very, very well, I am so proud of them,” said Coach Crystal Greenwood. Last year, Northwood finished second and received the spirit award. “We worked harder to keep up the reputation we had after getting second last year. We also had more girls, meaning we could do more difficult stunts,” said senior captain cheerleader Adriana Ruiz. Devastation In Haiti Felt At NHS By Marie Meroney Northwood High School cheerleaders and fans celebrate their Division Championship and Spirit Award. pg. 2 Photo by Blanton Studios 2nd Semester Schedule Changes By Nora Smolonsky Second semester has always been something to look forward to; every student gets new teachers, new classes, and a new individual schedule. This semester, everyone got more than usual. The new schedule has arrived and students and teachers have dealt with the change. But there is still the lingering question, “Why did they do this?” It seems like the answer was felt throughout the student body at Northwood, however freshman Luckline Jean-Baptiste has been personally affected – her family lives in Haiti. Most of her family lived outside of the area affected by the quake, but two of her uncles watched their houses turn to piles of rubble and her cousin has gone missing. “They’re living in the street now, but they’re getting by,” she says. In some cases, people are buried under these piles. According to CNN, one man was found after being buried alive for two weeks. Men, women, and children are still being pulled from On January 12, 2010, the country of Haiti was turned to rubble by a fearsome 7.0 magnitude earthquake. The world rushed to Haiti’s aid, with organizations like the American Red Cross setting up easy ways to donate through text and ‘tweet’. “It’s sad - I hope reconstruction continues to happen,” said senior Nadji Lambert. This sentiment Continued on pg. 4 10,580 pds of Trash Clean-up is one that only four people in the school know. But Ms. Ruschelle Reuben has agreed to let the rest of the school in on the administrative secret. Reuben said, “The objective is for students to complete missing assignments.” The hope is that the extra time to complete missing work will cause an increase in the amount of eligible students at Northwood. There it is, plain and simple: students have too much missing work, therefore they are ineligible. Administration has taken notice of this negative pattern and wants things to change. Though administration believes longer lunch will increase eligibility, most students do not. Freshman, West Boliea thinks gladiator lunch will not work. By Celena Jenkins On Friday January 29, Gladiator Express Card members enjoyed an ice cream social. But, is the card system effective? According to Northwood’s data, the express cards are working to help students increase their GPA’s. These cards are part of a reward system at Northwood that encourages students to earn a GPA of 3.0 or higher. The number of students holding an express card from quarter one to quarter two increased from 31% to 37%, an increase of 6%. Out of the 521 students who received an express card, 199 of those students were new to the reward system. The majority of the students received a red card. Students with a GPA of 3.0 to a 3.4 can earn a red card, 3.4 to a 3.79 a silver card, 3.8 to a 4.0 a black card. Ms. Jackson, Science Resource Teacher, is in charge of the Continued on pg. 3 Continued on pg. 4 Do Express Cards Impact Achievement? Ask Charlotte Debuts pg. 6 Fashion Speaks pg. 10 Hip-Hop / R&B Music Reviews pg. 8

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