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Relay for Life DAIL ILY SUN AILY NEWS ‘TODAY’S LOCAL NEWS TODAY’ A Special Supplement to the Daily Sun News and Sun News Shopper MAY 15, 2012 2012 Daily Sun News file photo Fight Back Celebrate Cancer survivors traditionally open the annual Lower Valley Relay for Life by participating in a survivor lap. The survivor lap is part of opening ceremonies slated for noon Saturday, May 19, this year, as well. Remember May 19 and 20 ■ Noon to Noon ■ Grandview High School Stadium Buckle up – announcing new, faster Internet speeds. Just because you don’t live in the city doesn’t mean you can’t have instant access to the Internet. And now, with even faster Internet speeds – you’ll be cruising your favorite websites and browsing the net in seconds. Don’t let your geographic location dictate your ability to access the web – PowerNET connects you. PowerNET’s faster Wireless Internet Services give you access to what matters most: POSSIBILITIES. INTERNET SPEEDS THAT WILL LAUNCH YOU TO INFINITY, AND BEYOND. LIFE RUNS FASTER WITH POWERNET. YOUR LIFE, CONNECTED. | 800.398.1232

Relay for Life 2012

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