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1 DAAILY ILY IL Y SU N UN N EWS NEWS ‘TODAY’S LOCAL NEWS TODAY’ Salute to FFA A special supplement to the Daily Sun News and Sun News Shopper February 21, 2012 Laura Gjovaag/Daily Sun News Sunnyside High School’s FFA chapter members include (back row L-R) Ryan Kannely, Christopher Bestebreur, Ryan Wilson, Tony Garza and Amanda Bestebreur; (middle row L-R) Dalton Yates, Kalie Bestebreur, Jasmine Neal and Nancy Ochoa; (front) Katie Hutchins. Sunnyside High School FFA still growing SUNNYSIDE SUNNYSIDE CHRISTIAN MABTON GRANDVIEW GRANGER Sunnyside High School FFA Instructor Ryan Kannely says there is a good reason it’s not called “Future Farmers of America” any longer. “It’s changed as much as agriculture has changed,” he said. He noted that farmers of today require schooling and the ability to use computers to get the most out of their land. That doesn’t mean FFA isn’t about farming. Katie Hutchins of the school’s FFA chapter talked about her efforts raising pigs, sheep and dairy cows and showing them at local fairs. “It’s fun,” said Hutchins. “We get a lot out of it.” Kannely said raising animals is still a core element for FFA. “It’s a great way to teach responsibility,” he said. “Kids know that if their parents don’t roust them out to do the work, I will.” The acronym FFA may not stand for anything any longer, but FFA is a club that continues to train youth in a hands-on way. Kannely said the chapter also works on public speaking, community service and leadership. His group has been involved in putting on school-wide meals. With about 10 regulars and 30 other students who work on events, the chapter is robust and growing. Recently the chapter has been discussing a possible backpacking trip. The trip would give them a first-hand look at range conditions and how land is managed in the state. On previous excursions, students have done see “Still growing” next page

FFA 2012

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