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DAILY SUN NEWS A special supplement to the Daily Sun News and Sun News Shopper • AUGUST 7, 2012 ‘TODAY’S LOCAL NEWS TODAY’ Yakima Valley Fair & Rodeo August 8-11, 2012 • Country Fair Park • Grandview Nearly 10 years later… the carnival returns to Yakima Valley Fair & Rodeo by Jennie McGhan GRANDVIEW – The last time those attending the Yakima Valley Fair & Rodeo were able to find an adrenaline rush was in 2004. Thrill seekers can rejoice because there will be carnival rides this year! Cascade Amusements is returning to the fairgrounds after a lengthy hiatus from Grandview. “We are pleased to be returning,” said Amy Smith, a fifth generation owner of Cascade Amusements. She said her family spent many summers visiting Grandview, but in 2004 the fair board wasn’t able to bring carnival rides to the event. “The last time I remember being in Grandview my teenagers were infants,” said Smith, who said it was sad to see attendance drop during the final few years Cascade Amusements was at the Yakima Valley Fair & Rodeo. She said she is thrilled the funding for rides was available this year. “The carnival is good for everyone at the fair…people enjoy the fair longer and vendors see more customers,” said Smith. She said this year is a trial run because the fair needs to be well attended for the fair board to bring rides back each year. “I hope it will be well attended so I can bring back more rides next year,” Smith said, stating the current plan is to provide fair goers with the opportunity to enjoy the Gravitron, Loop-O-Plane, Tilt-A-Whirl, Ferris wheel, giant slide, fun house, toon cars and motorcycles. The choices may change, Smith noted. Based in Portland, Cascade Amusements has a top rating with the Better Business Bureau. “We believe in providing fun for everyone,” said Smith. Yakima Valley Fair & Rodeo vendor and entertainment director Julie Hendren said, “We’re all really pumped because we will have the carnival, as well as a variety of vendors at the fair.” She said the enthusiasm among the board members is high and the board is hopeful that those attending this year’s Yakima Valley Fair & Rodeo will enjoy themselves. “We really are hoping the carnival will be something everyone can enjoy…it’s something the entire family can do together and you can feel the excitement,” she said. ‑ Jennie McGhan can be contacted at 509-837-4500, or email The Ferris wheel and several other popular rides will be featured at the Yakima Valley Fair & Rodeo in Grandview by Cascade Amusements of Portland, Ore. See you there! Benton Rural Electric A Touchstone Energy® Cooperative 786-2913 1-800-221-6987 402 Seventh Street • Prosser Member Owned & Controlled Since 1937

2012 Fair and Rodeo

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