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September 2012 Fall Dining Guide E. Edison Rd. Factory Rd. Hanford Rd. N. 16th St. Sheller Rd. Sheller Rd. North Ave. S. 13th St. E. Edison Rd. E. Edison Ave. E. Edison Rd. a Ray Rd. im k Ya Grant Factory Rd. Factory Rd. page 3 Picard Pl. ey ll Va Hig ay Ray Rd. hw y lle Va a m ki Ya Waneta Rd. Av e. Apollo a im k Ya ey ay hw Hig Roa d ne Wi 201 Division, Grandview u Co EXIT 73 d oa d yR ntr oa ou eC yR Win ntr 620 Cullum Ave., Richland page 5 EXIT 75 W i Co EXIT 80 Ro ad Win e Co untry Chardonnay Road Old Inland Empire Highway ne Wi N. Gap Rd. in e EXIT 80 un try . Win . St . . oun try Roa d E. 2nd St. W. 2nd St. eC oun try EXIT 75 Roa d 7th St. St. ad try Ro Coun Wine on Patters 6th Win W. Main St. Divis Old Inland Empire High St . h . 6t Merlot Dr. eC Old Inland Empire Highway M d Av e oa yR h Old Inland Empire Highway Chardonnay tr un Ro ad 7t Av e Co Co oad try R Coun Wine W nt Old Inland Empire Highway Old Inland Empire Highway Merlot Dr. Av e un try de d ea Roa 2258 Wine Country Rd., Prosser M ne G ra try Euclid Rd. ry oun ay w Bo un da eC gh St. Road Highland Rd. EXIT 73 E. Euclid Rd. ain untry Highland Rd. Euclid Rd. ‘TODAY’S LOCAL NEWS TODAY’ Win Hi Division Waneta Rd. Sunnyside Mabton Highway W. 5th St. y lle Va E. 2nd St. W. 2nd St. EXIT 75 e Co E. 2nd St. Division a W. Main St. W. 5th St. N. Gap Rd. Win W. 2nd St. m ki Ya Old Inland Empire Highway Sunnyside Mabton Highway Forsell Rd. UN GREEK RESTAURANT Old Inland Empire Highway ll Va try Old Inland Empire Highway AILY I-182 I-182 Forsell Rd. From Sunnyside to the Tri-Cities... We have your dining needs covered! Reserve Space Now for the Next Dining Guide! D S NEWS Call (509) 837-4500 for more information. Aaron Dr. I-182 ay w oun W. Main St. Grandview Pavement Rd. EXIT 5B EXIT 5A y EXIT 4 gh Waneta Rd. Euclid Rd. eC EXIT 73 Green Valley Rd. Hw page 4 Win 3210 Picard Pl. • Sunnyside Pa s s page 3 Grandview Pavement Rd. Green Valley Rd. By Hi ay page 6 Waneta Rd. Waneta Rd. Sunnyside Mabton Highway w gh Hi y lle Va a m Mabton Highway Sunnyside ki Ya a im Ray Rd. k Ya 31 A Ray Rd., Sunnyside 240 ay nW gto EXIT 69 Pl. shin Wa Casino Sports Bar Allan Rd. Picard (approx. 30 miles from Prosser) e org ay hw EXIT 69 EXIT 67 page 2 Ge Hig Factory Rd. Restaurant Lee Blvd. llum ey ll Va d Highland Rd. Forsell Rd. Factory Rd. EXIT 75 Roa Swift Blvd. Cu a try Division W. 5th St. Ray Rd. im k Ya S. 16th St. S. 6th St. E. 2nd St. W. 2nd St. EXIT 67 E. Edison Rd. Allan Rd. oun 240 By Pass Hwy S. 13th St. 7th St 9th St S.1st St. 6th St ay w 4th St gh eC E. Lincoln Ave Williams Blvd. de Hi Win W. Main St. Torbett St. Factory Rd. E. Edison Rd. E. Edison Ave. Grant 410 Y.V. Hwy., Sunnyside Green Valley Rd. Decatur Factory Rd. Franklin Family Mexican Restaurant Ray Rd. y lle Va S. 16th St. E. Lincoln Ave Sheller Rd. Sheller Rd. North Ave. ad Ro S. 6th St. try un Co Yakima Valley Highway Van Giesen St. E. Edison Rd. 1802 E. Edison Ave., Sunnyside Hanford Rd. ay w N. 16th St. a m ki Ya gh ne Waneta Rd. Wi Grant E. Edison Rd. E. Edison Ave. Hi Franklin page 8 BOWLING & Fun center 240 e. in Av Jadw y lle Ray Rd. Decatur 1524 Jadwin Ave., Richland George Washington Way a S. 13thVSt. a m ki Ya 9th St Sunnyside Mabton Highway EXIT 73 You’ll find something tasty at any one of these eateries! page 2 706 Y.V. Hwy., Sunnyside 7th St Y.V. Hwy., Sunnyside Sheller Rd. Sheller Rd. North Ave. 6th St S.1st St. Yakima Valley Highway Pl. 4th St ay w gh Hi Picard Av e y le EXIT 69 nt Allan Rd. l Va Hanford Rd. N. 16th St. a m ki Ya page 7 Isla Bonita page 4 ea Stokes ra E. Lincoln Ave G ay w gh Hi S. 6th St. S. 16th St. y le l Va A special supplement to the Daily Sun News & Sun News Shopper • September 25, 2012 S. M 7th St 9th St 6th St Decatur Franklin on Patters

Dining Guide Fall 2012

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