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DAILYORANGE.COM hi 57° | lo WEDNESDAY 32° january 30, 2013 t h e i n de pe n de n t s t u de n t n e w spa pe r of s y r acuse , n e w yor k INSIDENEWS INSIDEOPINION Constant vigilance In light of recent Building trust More DPS officers should tragedies, SU officials re-analyze emergency procedures. Page 3 work to create positive relationships with SU students. Page 5 ONLINE Point of contention Conservative columnist Nick Smith argues Obama’s inaugural address is defined by hypocrisy. See INSIDEPULP INSIDESPORTS Set it to the music The Dinosaur Annex Music Ensemble performed at the Setnor School of Music Tuesday night. Page 9 New media Loosened NCAA restrictions on recruiting are changing college basketball. Page 16 Insurance lawsuit continues By Cheryl Seligman DESIGN EDITOR Campus in FOCUS Syracuse University alumnus captures campus environment through photos of its inhabitants F By Allie Caren STAFF WRITER reshman public relations major Melissa Martinez was walking out of class when a man with a camera stopped her and asked if he could take her picture. He said he liked her scarf. As it turns out, the picture he was taking was for a Facebook page the man runs called “Humans of Syracuse University.” “I saw the Humans of New York page and I just loved the idea,” said Ousman Diallo, cre- V IDEO Follow the artistic process of the Humans of Syracuse University photographers at ator of the Syracuse page who graduated with a degree in information management and technology in December 2012. “I had the immediate inclination to bring it to the university setting.” Diallo is an aspiring writer, performer of spoken word and photographer. He created the page Nov. 27. As of today, the page has more than 2,200 fans. It is a page modeled after the ever-present Humans of New York, a project in which a photographer tries to depict the flavor, culture and sheer humanity of his respective community through pictures of its people. Diallo’s love for photography was reinforced last summer while he was abroad in Florence, Italy. He studied under photographer Andrea Calabresi, who uses a specific technique with SEE HUMANS OF SU PAGE 10 COLLAGE PHOTOS COURTESY OF HUMANS OF SYR ACUSE UNIVERSITY PORTR AIT BY ALLIE CAREN | CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGR APHER OUSMAN DIALLO, a Syracuse University alumnus, sets his sights on a subject to photograph for Humans of Syracuse University, the photo project Diallo started. An attorney for Syracuse University appeared in court Tuesday morning to argue a motion in a case against National Union Fire Insurance Company, an insurance carrier for SU during the Bernie Fine sexual abuse allegations. The university is suing National Union for refusing to cover expenses SU incurred in responding to subpoenas concerning the Fine allegations. Supreme Court Justice Donald Greenwood presided over a hearing of the motions for summary judgment at the Onondaga County Supreme Court. A motion for summary judgment is a request to the court for a formal decision without a full trial. In arguing the plaintiff’s motion for partial summary judgment, Kenneth Frenchman, SU’s attorney, requested the judge order National Union to pay for the losses incurred from the Fine subpoenas. A trial would still be necessary to determine the amount if SU’s motion for partial summary judgment is granted, according to documents from the New York State Unified Court System. Charles Stotter, one of the attorneys representing National Union, argued the defendant’s motion for summary judgment. He requested the court deny SU’s motion for partial summary judgment and grant summary judgment in favor of National Union. Some of the contended issues included whether the subpoenas allege a wrongdoing by SU under the insurance policy, whether the university has a legitimate claim under the policy’s language and whether SU was a target of the investigation. Costs relating to an actual or alleged “breach of duty, neglect, error, misstatement, misleading statement, SEE LAWSUIT PAGE 6

Jan. 30, 2013

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