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MY STORY Prior to coming to OHSU, I had about four years of HR experience and a Bachelor’s Degree is in Spanish/Latin American studies. I started at OHSU in January of 2003 as a Labor Relations Administrative Assistant in Human Resources. At that time, there was a centralized HR model in place. Shortly after, I returned to school part-time (while continuing to work full-time) to start my Master of Public Administration degree at PSU. My specialization was Human Resources and labor relations. Around that same time, I was promoted to a para-professional level position called a Labor Relations Associate, and a year after that, into an HR Business Partner role in 2005. I earned my Master’s degree at PSU in 2006, my PHR Certification in 2007, and between 2007 and 2009, I worked as the HR Manager at the Casey Eye Institute. From 2009-2011, I worked dual roles as the Healthcare Employment Services Manager/Sr. HR business Partner, and then transitioned to a Sr. Business Partner role in mid-2011. As a result of the healthcare re-organization in 2012, my title changed to Labor Relations Consultant, and my emphasis is now primarily Labor Relations. I believe that getting my master’s degree helped me progress within the organization, and feel that I have gained a lot of great knowledge working on both the healthcare and academic sides of the organization. THE SECRETS OF MY SUCCESS The one best thing I’ve done for my career at OHSU is to form meaningful and lasting relationships with coworkers across a variety of missions. This has helped me to network and to continue learning new things every day, which strengthens my skills and abilities to perform my job. I love OHSU and am very proud to work here. I attend continuing education/training whenever I can to keep up my knowledge and skills. WORDS OF WISDOM In terms of advice, I encourage people to:  Take advantage of training and educational/development opportunities both inside and outside of OHSU  Make sure they have their Bachelor’s Degree, ( or an appropriate technical certification/degree)  I strongly encourage graduate studies, this can only help you advance, and will make you more mobile and competitive  I also think it’s very valuable to have work experiences across a variety of missions, and to build relationships outside of one’s own mission

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