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ery own here’s your v Summer PUMP-UP Summer 2013 volume 22, number 1 What’s Inside Moving in - what to bring, what to leave home Meet the staff News for seniors Details about life at summer UB Twin Cities! s Daily schedule and summer calendar overview This summer’s BIG PUZZLE is online! Find the link at summer13.htm “Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” - Stephen King Your wonderful UB summer starts Wednesday, June 19 from 9 a.m. to noon when you move into EAGLE HALL! (map on p. 2) Kate Oganowski, Paul Krause, Lisa Yang, Cathy Van Maren and the great teachers, tutors and office aides will make sure you get a solid head start on next year’s classes and absorb important skills for your future at college. This summer’s classes, activities, field trips, electives, programs, parties and special events will be the best ever! Be sure to check out the schedule on page 6 and be ready for some surprises! Many students spend thousands of dollars to attend college prep summer camps because they know it will help them get into college and be successful. For UB students, that invaluable experience is FREE! This whole summer is JUST FOR YOU because we think you have a lot of potential and we want to help you get ready to be the best you can be at college. It won’t be easy ... it should be fun ... it WILL be one of your most memorable experiences! We’ll spend our last week in the Twin Cities, staying at the University of Minnesota, and visiting colleges and businesses, expanding horizons and having a great time. IMPORTANT UB SUMMER FACT SCHEDULE APPOINTMENTS (Doctor, Dentist, etc.) on Friday afternoons if possible, so you will not miss important classes, activities and study sessions. Please let UB staff know of appointments as soon as they are made! #1

UB Summer Pump Up 2013

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