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ENGLISH CURLING ASSOCIATION September 2009 - Issue 25 £1 (or subscription to ECA) NEWSLETTER IN TH Welcome to the summer! Well, I would like to say that but it seems that the English summer is in its traditional state of being English? Damp, cold and windy. That is to say the majority of days seem to be like this but of course we have had those wonderful days that make it worthwhile. We have news on the doping scene from Alison, news on a new curling venue - YES a new venue although they have not started any leagues yet. Club news is strong and the competitions’ convenor has been busy organising our Championships. Don’t forget to get your entry in - see inside We are in the middle of the off for details. season and you would assume that it was the quiet season but Add to all this the regulars of you are far from correct. There Fun, reports and upcoming has been a wealth of activity events and you have another and this 25th edition of the great edition of the newsletter. newsletter is going to bring it all to you. The Editor [1] IS ED Presi Deve ter lopm Club Hot N ng ate ming FUN Curli g Upd Upco ECA ents in News Dopin ITION dent’ s Let Comp ews Comp etitio etitio ns n Dat es

English Curling Assoc. Newsletter Issue 25

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