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UTAH - SOUTHERN IDAHO CHAPTER M O V I N G T O W A R D A W O R L D F R E E O F M S | M A R C H - M AY • 2 0 12 MS AWARENESS WEEK - MARCH 11-18 What Will You Do? This month during MS Awareness Week, people all across the country are connecting with one another to educate and share what MS means to them. They’re raising their voices and turning up the volume on multiple sclerosis, its impact in our community and how people can join the movement. What will you do? MSFACTS • 2.1 million people worldwide have MS and it’s believed 1 in 300 in our area • Utah & Idaho have one of the highest incidence rates • Women are 2-3 times more likely to have MS • Children have MS too; 10,000 documented cases • The Society is one of the largest funders of MS research • We address the challenges of everyone affected by MS “We all can do something big or small in our local communities to grow awareness and when we do it all at once, it will leave an impact,” said Becky Lyttle, vice president of community development. “Together we will strengthen our connections, raise additional support for MS, improve the lives of those impacted, and one day see an end to this disease.” In our chapter, volunteers have been busy planning bold, creative and collaborative awareness projects, including organizing flash mobs; preparing informational tables at schools with the educational “Try on MS” activity; making and distributing orange awareness ribbons to wear all week; securing declarations from public officials; asking local businesses to light-up in orange, display posters or do an awareness activity; making videos about what MS means to them; engaging their Walk MS or Bike MS team; and preparing information to send daily emails during the Week to friends or post via social networks. These are just several of the activities in the works for MS Awareness Week. Please share with us how you are spreading MS awareness this March 11-18 and throughout the year. Email INSIDE THIS ISSUE Walk MS Page 4 Research Update Page 6-7 Advocacy Page 10 VOLUNTEER Spotlight PAGE 11

MSConnection March-May 2012

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