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Benedum Center TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS TABLE OF CONTENTS (click on link) CONTACT INFORMATION FIRE & PYROTECHNICS AUDITORIUM INFORMATION CONSOLE LOCATIONS Seat Count Stage Managers Console Seating Chart Road Console Placement Technical Holds LOCATION / APPROACH / ACCESS LOADING DOCKS Main Dock Stage Roll Door Dock Small Loading Dock STAGE SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions Construction Rigging WARDROBE & LAUNDRY DRESSING ROOMS Location Capacity REHEARSAL STUDIOS GREEN ROOM STAGE RISERS / TABLES / PODIUMS / CHAIRS CHAIN MOTORS / PERSONNEL LIFTS / LADDERS ORCHESTRA PIT Soft Goods Inventory Capacity Line Sets Dimensions ELECTRICS Control and Dimming Equipment Pianos Company Switch DANCE EQUIPMENT DMX and Transfer FOGGERS Lighting Inventory PROJECTION SYSTEM Repertory Plot Accessories Dimmer Schedule SOUND Main system Inventory Communication ClearCom Paging/Program Radio Frequency Coordination Policy Benedum Center Technical Specifications Revised April 2011 Page 1 of 20 WIRELESS INTERNET

Benedum Tech_4_2011

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