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State Grantee  Name AZ AZ CA Pima  County Maricopa   County Program   Name AI/ET  Initiative   Program Forensic   Assertive   Community   Treatment  (F-­‐ ACT) Contra  Costa   County   Contra  Costa   Juvenile   County Behavioral   Health  Court   Pilot  Project Adult/Juvenile Adult Adult Juvenile Grant  Category Expansion Planning  &   Implementation Planning  &   Implementation Jurisdiction   Type Suburban,   Urban Mental  Health   Entity Community   Partnership  of   Southern  Arizona Criminal  Justice   Entity Program  Description   Point  of  Contact Pima  County Through  the  Alternative  to  Incarceration/Expedited  Treatment  Initiative  (AI/ET),   started  in  2006,  individuals  with  a  behavioral  health  history  who  could  be  released  at   their  initial  court  appearance  are  identified  at  intake.  Pima  County  proposes  to   expand  AI/ET  by  employing  two  strategies:  1)  add  two  part-­‐  time  Forensic  Peer   Specialists  (1  FTE)  to  the  CPSA  Criminal  Justice  Team  to  be  stationed  at  PCADC  to   cover  the  remaining  initial  court  appearances,  to  aid  in  gathering  collateral   information  of  CPSA-­‐enrolled  arrestees,  and  to  expedite  re-­‐engagement  of  these   individuals  with  community  treatment  services;  and  2)  Provide  transportation  for   persons  diverted  after  initial  court  appearances  as  required. Pat  Benchik Urban 2010  JMHCP  Grantee:    GOAL  1:    Elevate  the  knowledge,  skills,  and  abilities  of   probation  officers,  detention  officers,  correctional  health  staff,  court  and  judicial   staff,  and  comprehensive  community-­‐based  behavioral  health  services  and  case   management  staff,  in  the  effective  supervision  and  treatment  of  female  offenders   with  serious  mental  illness  and/or  co-­‐occurring  disorders.  GOAL  2:    Develop  and   People  of  Color   Maricopa  County   implement  a  program  of  treatment  and  support  services  that  targets  justice-­‐involved   Norma  Brasda Network Adult  Probation women  with  serious  mental  illness  and/or  co-­‐occurring  disorders  that  is  gender   specific,  trauma  informed,  and  criminogenic  responsive.  GOAL  3:    Enhance  the   quality,  impact,  and  reach  of  interagency  collaboration  among  and  between  those   agencies  engaged  in  the  arrest,  confinement,  adjudication,  supervision,  treatment,   and  support  of  women  with  psychiatric  impairments  in  general  and  women  with   SMI/co-­‐occurring  disorders  in  particular. Urban To  address  these  needs,  CCC  proposes  a  pilot  Juvenile  Behavioral  Health  Court   (JBHC).    The  JBHC  will  provide  mental  health,  co-­‐occurring  disorder  and  criminogenic   screening,  including  specific  screening  for  trauma;  intensive  mental  health  case   management  and  probation  supervision;  wraparound  services;  trauma  treatment   (with  special  emphasis  on  identifying  and  treating  girls  who  have  been  sexually   Contra  Costa   Numerous  Youth   exploited);  mental  health  advocacy  and  treatment;  and  efficient  use  of  existing   County  Probation   Paula  Hernandez Services  Providers county  services.  The  system  will  provide:  1)  expanded  access  to  early  screening,   Department diagnosis  and  treatment,  comprehensive  and  evidence-­‐based  services  and  integrated   treatment  of  mental  illness  and  substance  use  disorders;  2)  pre-­‐trial  diversion  and   linkage  to  comprehensive  services;  and  3)  expanded  supportive  services  to  sustain   recovery,  such  as  family  partner(s),  education,  supportive  housing,  vocational   training,  etc.


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