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In this issue: - Choosing a Major - Career Testing - Career Spotlight - Job Choices Magazine WS U C a re e r S ervices Hire-a-Shocker Issue 05 / 10.15 .12 Choosing a Major? By Jan Mead Career Services What shall I major in? What a huge, and important, question. Short of asking a Magic 8 Ball, there are several things you can do to help make your decision. Social Media Ask Questions: - What do you love to do? Follow us on - What classes do you enjoy the most? Twitter - What are you interested in? What do you think about, read books about, talk to your friends about? - What are you good at? What do other people compliment you on? - What is important to you? For example: making lots of money? helping people? working with information? - What did other people major in? And, what are they doing with that major? “People” being your parents, friends of your parents, other relatives, people you sit next to at a social outing. You get the idea people you can talk with anywhere you find yourself. - What jobs are expected to be in demand in the future? Government offices compile this information and our office can help you find it. Friend us on Facebook - And here’s a fun one: when you were a kid, what did you think you wanted to be when you grew up? Consider: A career is developmental. You will probably explore careers several times in your lifetime. You will change. The world will change. You will have opportunities you don’t think about at this stage of your life. Read our blog Career Coffee Join us on Linkedin Career Testing and Assessments By Jan Mead Assessments can be helpful when deciding on a major. Although no assessment is a magic answer that will tell you what you should major in, they can be useful tools in the exploration and decision making process. The assessment we use most often is the VISTA card sort. It involves going through cards in the categories of interests, skills, values and traits to identify your top ten in each category. This information is used to identify your Holland Code, a basic tool useful in career exploration and based on the idea that job satisfaction depends on compatibility between your personality and your work environment. The Strong is an alternative to the card sort. It is an online assessment that takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. The Strong will also help you identify your Holland Code, but deals only with your interests. The MBTI is an online assessment that identifies four preferences: how you get your energy; how you take in information; how you make decisions; and how you deal with the outside world. The MBTI will help you discover what careers support your preferences and the environments you are most successful in, as well as how to deal with challenges. StrengthsQuest is another online assessment. Based on positive psychology, it is designed to help you identify the talents that come naturally to you and to make the most of these talents to excel in your personal, academic, and professional life.

October 15, 2012 Hire-a-Shocker Newsletter

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