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JAN Powerlines USA:Layout 1 11/30/11 2:58 PM Page 1 4 PowerLines january 2012 Crystal Cathedral Ministries • JANUARY 2012 • Garden Grove, CA, USA Legacy Gift Opportunity NOW AVAILABLE DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND…CHRIST PORTRAIT #2! THIS NEW YEAR, START A NEW CHAPTER, LEAVE A LASTING LEGACY… Offering a“New Beginning”to All Who Believe! This year, make plans to leave a legacy of His love to the next generation through your positive and possibility filled final will and estate gift to Crystal Cathedral Ministries/Hour of Power. For more information, call John Charles at 1-714-971-4015. W hat did Jesus look like? From a human standpoint—wouldn’t we love to know? Maybe…maybe not. Movies over the years have shown us usually a tall man, sometimes light brown hair—long, of course. More probable, though, his Crystal Cathedral Ministries wishes to thank the following persons and their families for their recent estate gifts. Saving lives through a message of hope. In honor and loving memory of… Hilbert E. Albrecht Mary M. Graye OSHKOSH, WI MADISON, WI Harry E. Fruitrich SUGARLOAF, PA Survey cont. from page 1 is very important to help us identify YOUR spiritual needs—as we seek to fill them each time we create our positive, weekly-televised program of hope. Thank you for taking only one or two minutes to complete and return your survey. “See, I am doing a NEW THING! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.” -Isaiah 43:19 Ongoing Contributions If you normally send your support by check, save on stamps and be more efficient with one of these secure, easy, and “green” ways to support your Hour of Power: ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER: PRINTED IN USA Authorize your monthly gift amount and deduction date by calling 1-866-GET-HOPE (438-4673). AUTOMATIC “BILL PAY”: Provide automatic gifts from your checking account to Crystal Cathedral Ministries by contacting your bank or by setting up the process through your bank’s website. Hour of Power Every Sunday MONTHLY NEWS FOR Hour of Power SPIRITUAL SHAREHOLDERS AND FRIENDS LIFETIME 8am East/Pac 7am Central Hour of Power Every Saturday This January on the Hour of Power Frame NOT included. Actual size of portrait is 5” x 7” Through Sunday, January 15 on the Hour of Power, discover what it means to thrive in the realm of the Most High King! Whether we live under a monarchy or within a democratic system, we all have a lot to learn about being in a living, loving relationship with the King of kings! Every Sunday starting January 22 and continuing into February and early March, this insightful new message series will illustrate the soul-enriching Beatitudes of Jesus. Find out why and how we are blessed, especially when we are feeling poor in spirit, mourning a loss, striving for peace, experiencing mistreatment, and more. TBN 6pm Pacific Trinity Broadcasting 8pm Central 9pm Eastern Network 24/7 Hour of Power Online anytime hair would have been much darker given his middle eastern culture. Many times, we’ve seen him on the screen looking perhaps a little too Caucasian, and “Jesus belongs usually with a beard. Did to all people of men in the 1st century even have access to the all colors of all implements to shave? cultures in all On the garden grounds of the Crystal Cathedral, places.” there’s a bronze sculpture of Jesus that raises none of these issues or questions. The sculpture shows Jesus as a baby, a smiling infant, in Mary’s loving arms. Mary is seated on a donkey, and Joseph is leading his family back home to Israel after fleeing from Herod to Egypt immediately following His Hour of Power Every Sunday LIFETIME 8am East/Pac 7am Central Hour of Power Every Saturday miraculous Christmas birth, which brought a “new beginning” to all who believe! What a great reminder as we begin this New Year…2012! This beautiful face of the baby Jesus is the “Christ Portrait” (the second in a series—you’ll want to collect them all) that Hour of Power wants to send to you today. Your beautiful, full-color “Christ Portrait” measures 5” x 7” and is suitable for framing. American master sculptor, J. Seward Johnson depicted the face of the baby Jesus in glistening stainless steel so that anyone standing before this statue would see their own skin tone reflected back at them in the mirror-like surface—Jesus belongs to all people of all colors of all cultures in all places. You’re encouraged to write to the Hour of Power TODAY to receive your very own copy of this unique image of the blessed Christ Child. This “Christ Portrait,” and the statue it depicts, is exclusive to Hour of Power viewers and friends…there is none other like it anywhere in the world. Use the slip enclosed with this newsletter to request your Christ Portrait #2, or call TOLL FREE, 1-866-GET-HOPE (438-4673). In this New Year of New Chapters and New Beginnings… 9 HOUR of POWER SURVEY to help us “find YOUR need and fill it!” Hour of Power depends on you—and NOT just for your prayers and financial support (as important as they are). Your completion of the enclosed survey (and returning it in the envelope provided) Survey cont. on page 4 TBN 6pm Pacific Trinity Broadcasting 8pm Central 9pm Eastern Network 24/7 Hour of Power Online anytime

Powerlines - January 2012

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