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All rights reserved—— More than a thousand Mac Apps With the Mac App Store, getting the apps you want on your Mac has never been easier. No more boxes, no more disks, no more time-consuming installation. Click once to download and install any app on your Mac. The Mac App Store is now available as a software update for any Mac running Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Great Apps for Mac The Mac App Store is just like the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. So it’s as easy to find and download Mac app as it is to add your favorite magazine to iPad or a new game to iPod touch. You can browse Mac app by category, such as games, productivity, music, and more. Or do a quick search for something specific. Read developer descriptions and user reviews. Flip through screenshots. When you find an app you like, click to buy it. Install any Mac App with ease The Mac App Store revolutionizes the way applications are installed on a computer. It happens in one step. Enter the same iTunes password you use to buy music and apps on your Mac, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Within seconds, your new app flies to your Dock, ready to go. So you can spend more time enjoying new Mac apps and less time installing them. Keep your Mac Apps up to date Since developers are constantly improving their apps, the App Store for Mac keeps track of your apps and tells you when an update is available. Update one Mac app at a

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