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Denmark’s leading ladies address the nation The Mayans were wrong, but what if Saxo is right? 3 15 5 - 10 January 2013 | Vol 16 Issue 1 Rub me the right way and I’ll ... It’s panto! G2 Denmark’s only English-language newspaper | MIKE KOLLÖFFEL, DR NEWS Nation welcomed in the New Year with a lot of noise, but relatively few firework accidents 4 NEWS New wolf spotted Gone for nearly 200 years, Canis lupus seems to be making a comeback in Denmark 5 NEWS ‘Borgen’ supremacy Actress Birgitte Hjort Sørensen on the considerable success of Denmark’s latest entertainment export Record number of refugees making their way to Denmark leads to cash offer for rejected asylum seekers 6 COMMUNITY Record number have stubbed out their final cigarette TV show for peanuts CHRISTIAN WENANDE How an expat made a sitcom about wampires for the cost of a domain site and two sets of fangs Tougher bans has the number of smokers in Denmark at a record low; targeting sales is the best way to approach the last holdouts, says specialist 13 9 771398 100009 Price: 25 DKK 10 L AST YEAR the number of smokers in Denmark fell to a record low. Some 120,000 Danes stubbed out their smoking habits in 2012, and some 17 percent of people over 15 now smoke on a daily basis, while another five percent smoke socially. Those figures are down from 18 percent and six percent last year. “It’s a very pleasing development,” Dr Inge Haunstrup Clemmensen, of Kræftens Bekæmpelse, the Danish can- cer society, told Berlingske newspaper. The new statistics come from the annual smoking habit survey carried out by analysis institute Epinion for Kræftens Bekæmpelse, the national health authority Sundhedsstyrelsen, and lung and heart associations Danmarks Lungeforening and Hjerteforeningen. The results indicate that 39 percent of Danes are now ex-smokers – more than 1.7 million people. A quarter of those who have quit smoking did so between 2008 and 2012. The report also concluded that the vast majority of current smokers would like to quit. Almost 70 percent of daily smokers have plans to quit and every eighth smoker has plans to quit in January, suggesting that another 120,000 people are looking to stop smoking as part of their new year resolutions. Smokers have found that their habit has become increasingly burdensome in recent years. Smoking bans cover the vast majority of indoor public spaces, and earlier this year smoking was banned on school, daycare and educational property, inside and out. A recent survey also found that Danes were ready to ban smoking in company cars. Today, smoking is permitted in cranes, company cars and other business vehicles, as long as the person is alone in the vehicle. But Knud Juel, a public health specialist with Statens Institut for Folkesundhed, was sceptical about the proposal. “I don’t think it will do much. It would be more effective to toughen tobacco sales to children,” Juel told Berlingske. “That isn’t enforced very well and doing so would be taking a considerable step in the right direction.” According to Juel, studies indicate that the use of tobacco among teens has not fallen at the same rate as the overall decline. “That indicates that we are dealing with a smaller group who have a significant tobacco consumption and who are more difficult to get to stop than other smokers,” he said. The news comes on the heels of Copenhagen’s deputy mayor Ninna Thomsen (Socialistisk Folkeparti) indicating that her goal is to make Copenhagen a smoke-free city by 2025. CBS ExEcutivE MBA nordic food & cocktails in the meatpacking district Triple-accredited. Modular approach. Experience an E-MBA class and find out more on 15 Jan. ... coctails & club happy hour & dj’s 10 pm fridays & saturdays ... To sign up, call +45 3815 6002 or visit

The Copenhagen Post | Jan 4-10

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