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Opinion Analysis US urged to curb militarization in Latin America page 7 Latin Americans shine at UN As the 68th General Assembly of the United Nations in New York City got underway this week, the delegations from Latin American fired up the meeting by planting clear, strong, and unequivocal challenges to US hegemony and pushing for a democratic restructuration of the international body. In a unified fashion, Latin American leaders spoke out in favor of a peaceful resolution to the USgenerate crisis in Syria, while condemning not just the use of chemical weapons there, but anywhere. page 5 Obama at the UN: A defense of imperial aggression page 8 Friday, September 20, 2013 | Nº 176 | Caracas | ENGLISH EDITION/The artillery of ideas Venezuela and China forge “strategic alliance of the future” Security Venezuela makes arrests in Air France drug case Nearly a dozen officials were arrested in Venezuela after 1.3 tons of cocaine were found on an Air France flight. page 3 Integration Venezuela signs UN accord to protect the disabled The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was signed at the UN. page 4 Politics More US-Venezuela tensions Venezuelan President Maduro cancelled his UN trip after visa and flight problems caused by the US. page 6 Venezuelan head of state Nicolas Maduro has strengthened his country’s strategic alliance with China, signing 27 agreements worth over $20 billion during a state visit to Beijing. “We’ve sealed the strategic alliance of the future, an alliance for economic development, prosperity, and the happiness of our peoples”, declared Maduro as he left China on Tuesday. The state visit, running from September 21 to 24, was Maduro’s first to the Asian nation as Venezuelan President. Pg. 2 India & Venezuela to grow energy relations Citing the “increasing appetite” for crude at Indian refineries, India’s minister for petroleum and natural gas has requested long-term supplies from Venezuela. M. Veerappa Moily met with Rafael Ramirez, Venezuela’s minister of energy and mines, who led a delegation to India for a review of cooperation in the hydrocarbons sector. Indian representatives cited difficulties related to pricing and signing of term contracts for importation of crude from Venezuela. Ramirez encouraged Indian companies to increase participation and invited them to attend a meeting in Venezuela Oct. 7-9. Ramirez assured his audience that all issues would be discussed in detail to arrive at mutually acceptable solutions. Both agreed to completing a comprehensive package that would also include participation by Indian companies in providing expertise for infrastructure and technology, and for boosting trade in goods and services. INTERNATIONAL US citizens laud Maduro’s peace initiatives T/ Minci In the context of Syria being the main topic on the agenda for the 68th Session of the UN General Assembly, US citizens have been lauding President Nicolás Maduro’s initiatives for peace. Les Sumner trusts that the General Assembly will take important measures relating to Syria, as well as reach a global consensus on what needs to be done to eliminate chemical weapons. He lauded the calls for peace from President Maduro and Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Any peaceful measure that can be taken to stop the massacre is valid. I want to see consensus in policies from the US, Europe and South America: Venezuela, Colombia … to reach an accord to solve this peacefully”, he said. Another US citizen, Marcella Lowney, appreciates that Maduro fights for equality and the rights of the people not only at a national level, but internationally as well. Puerto Rican Daniel Sanchez, who grew up in the US, noted that the most important issue at hand for the UN was the situation between Syria and the United States, and that he supports Venezuelan and Russian peace proposals. He suggests that there is a chance that US President Barack Obama will stop an intervention in Syria and adopt the more peaceful stance shown by countries like Venezuela and Russia. “Nobody wants war. The world wants to live in peace”, he said. Fellow Puerto Rican Juan Camacho knows that the UN must address the Syrian Conflict. “We want peace. Why would we go to war when what we need is aid and food?” he questioned.

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