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THE THOMAS M. COOLEY LAW SCHOOL Benchmark THE THOMAS M. COOLEY LAW SCHOOL ALUMNI NEWS PUBLICATION C O LU M N SEPTEMBER 2012 • VOLUME 4 • NUMBER 3 John Engler, Leading in Business Creation Growing up on a 500-acre farm in central Michigan is fields away from leading one of the country’s most influential business organizations. But for John Engler (Wing Class, 1982), making the leap from agriculture to politics was easy. Engler, the current president of Business Roundtable and former Michigan governor, earned his Juris Doctor in 1982, but his long standing career in politics did not begin there. Q& A With New Jersey State Senator Nicholas Scutari Professionalism Advisory Committee Cooley sits down for a Q&A with Nicholas P. Scutari (Moore Class, 1993), attorney and New Jersey Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Cooley Law School brought together nearly 60 leaders in the legal and higher education fields for the school’s inaugural Professionalism Advisory Committee meeting. INSIDE > LEADING IN BUSINESS CREATION / JOHN ENGLER > OUTSTANDING PRO BONO / COOLEY GRADUATES HONORED FOR THEIR SERVICE > Q & A WITH NEW JERSEY STATE SENATOR AND ATTORNEY / NICK SCUTARI > MAKING A CHANGE / JESSICA GONZALEZ AND MORE … Change Service Requested ICG.0912.014.BM 300 S. Capitol Ave. P.O. Box 13038 Lansing, MI 48901 Nonprofit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Lansing, MI Permit No. 241

September 2012 Benchmark Column

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