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The Carbon Valley Area PRSRT STD FREE U.S. Postage Consumer Report PAID 303.833.5997 POB 962 Frederick, CO 80530 Volume 13 z Issue 2 z February 2013 Serving all of Dacono, Firestone, Frederick, Mead, & parts of Longmont & Erie Your Monthly Connection to Community News & Events ď‚&#x; See us at Frederick, CO 80530 Permit No. 30 Postal Customer Creating Community By Connecting Neighbors ...My heart said to You, "Your face, Lord, I will seek." Ps 27:8 Moments in Time with Sheila Broderick Photography See Sheila pg 11 Doulas: Professional Birth Coaches By Audrey Logan Giving birth is a life changing experience and having the right support team can make or break your experience. Some people choose to have their husbands, partners, mothers, siblings, or a friend be their birth coach. But, what if you need more support than that? What if you’re not confident in your own abilities as a woman, or confident that your support person can withstand seeing you in that much pain to effectively help you? Or, what if you just want the extra help and experience? That is where a doula comes in. Doula’s are trained professionals who help women cope during their labor, delivery, and post-partum period. Doula’s are, generally women, who have a passion for helping other women during this great life changing experience! They go through hours of training to learn how to coach women during this pivotal point in their lives. They are not all one and the same; each doula has her own personality and tricks of the trade. Finding the doula that works best with your personality is important. As is, finding the doula who supports your visions of your labor and delivery. Doulas provide support in many areas during the labor and delivery process. They not only provide emotional support, but they also provide massage, help with visualization, breathing See Doulas pg 11 Marshmallows Not Included Outdoor Landscape Supplies Wood Mulches Decorative Rock Boulders Topsoil Compost Flagstone Travertine Strip Stone Patio Products Paving Stones Cement Products Retaining Walls Fire Pit Kit Just in time for cooler weather! Easy-to-install Fire Pit Kit Includes: Everything except the firewood & marshmallows! Boston Sunset See Love pg 7 By Audrey Logan Sheila Broderick is a local photographer who has a passion for what she does. Not only can you see it in her pictures, but also when she is photographing you. She takes special care to capture the moments that make you special, unique, and beautiful or handsome. Sheila specializes in senior portraits, boudoir, and musician photography. Sheila (pictured at right) works out of her home in Frederick, having transformed her living room and dining room into an amazing studio that allows for versatile and stunning shots. She also uses her backyard for outdoor shots, and is willing to travel within 25 miles of her home for location Hover C a r l and Merna first met in 1977 when their families attended the same church in Cincinnati. The families became close friends and, although Merna and her family moved back to Colorado, where she was born, in the mid-eighties, they stayed in contact. Merna and Carl’s first wife Jean remained very close friends and prayer partners. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Merna and her husband of over thirty years were divorced in 1995 and Jean passed away in 2003. After Jean’s passing, Merna was very supportive of Carl with encouraging cards and notes. Then while vacationing together in Florida at the invitation of mutual friends, they found they had a lot in common and enjoyed each other’s company. Bolstered by a strong mutual faith in the Lord, their relationship progressed to the point where Carl decided he wanted Merna to be his wife and he thought she had similar feelings for him. Being a crossword buff, Carl decided to propose to her by constructing a crossword with his marriage proposal in it. That’s when he discovered Merna didn’t really care for crosswords. After coaxing and cajoling her into trying his “specialâ€? crossword, Merna became rather irritated long before getting to the important question, and it looked like their marriage was over before it began. Fortunately, it didn’t work out that way and they have been happily married for almost eight years. And, Merna even does crosswords now. She does the one in the Longmont paper almost every day and also is the first one to do any new puzzle Carl constructs, such as the ones for CVCR, to see if the clues and answers make sense. 1541 Boston Avenue • 303.682.2314 In Longmont at the S.E. Corner of Sunset St. & Boston Ave. "VUIPSJ[FE6)BVM%FBMFS Move with Frederick’s Best .07*/(536$,4 available now! t)S7JEFP4VSWFJMMBODF t0O4JUF3FTJEFOU.BOBHFST t*OEJWJEVBMMZ"MBSNFE6OJUT t&MFDUSPOJD$PEFE(BUF tEBZQFS8FFL"DDFTT t4JNQMZ'SFEFSJDLT#FTU We Rent 6)BVM5SVDLT 5SBJMFST 303-833-4445 .PO4BUBUPQtQUPQ 4VOBUPQ *NQFSJBM4Ut'SFEFSJDL $0

February 2013 CVCR

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