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NET ZERO BUILDINGS • Highlighting the Path Toward Net Zero Building Design HVAC: BAS THE KEY TO INTEGRATION POWER: SUBMETERING SOLUTIONS ENVELOPE: REFLECTING ON GLAZING NET ZERO BUILDINGS June 2014  Volume 3, Number 2 52 28 36 RAINWATER OPTIMIZATION Roughly 70% of a building’s water consumption is used for nonpotable purposes, such as landscape irrigation. Collecting and using rainwater for said purposes surely makes more sense. NET ZERO BUILDINGS Premier Issue: Jan. 2013 Righting the Ship. As water issues continue to vex many parts of the country, conservation efforts must evolve beyond more efficient plumbing fixtures. A more holistic, building-level approach is necessary. Marrying rainwater catchment and stormwater management may be that solution, as the strategies allow building owners to benefit beyond regulatory fulfillment with monetary gains.

Net Zero Buildings - June 2014

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