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The New Linear UnderLine SERIES High Efficiency LED Ultra Low Profile STORE DESIGN: VINTRY FINE WINES Edison Winner a Game Changer L’Observatoire International, NYC, took top honors at GE’s annual Edison Awards competition anounced at Lightfair, for the lighting of Vintry Fine Wines, New York. The project, designed by Jeff Taylor and Jessica Jie Soo, is located in Manhattan’s Battery Park neighborhood. The lighting design capitalizes on Roger Marvel Architect’s unusual design to help Actual Size Profile draw customers into the warm interior of the wine shop. The L’Observatoire lighting designers used GE’s Tetra Contour product to line the shelves and ceilings, “effortlessly” merging with the graceful curves and rows of the store that the shelves or the ceiling, is carefully detailed evokes the geography of a vineyard, notes the to prevent visibility from any angle. All of the competition’s judges. fixtures are dimmable and maintained by a The placement of the fixtures was extensively state-of-the-art computerized control system studied in a mock-up to ensure maximum lighting that follows the astronomical clock. The lights with a minimum of reflection from the LED are brighter during the day, and dim themselves mounting. Each fixture, whether it is located in during evening hours.• ABOVE: The warm, 2700K color of the LEDs brings warmth to the space of the store while highlighting leather surfaces. The curvilinear forms expand the perceived space and actual linear footage of the store. The bright, clean lines of light, note the GE judges, allow the space to have a great deal of merchandise without appearing cluttered. t Over 250 Lumens / Foot t Over 70 Lumens / Watt t Commercial, Plug N’ Play 877- SSL- GREEN download brochure at Circle 07

Architectural SSL - July 2013

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