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R PR N IO W AR A D W IN N E AT THE FRONT Major advances are occurring on the manufacturing side of SSL that are helping drop the price of LED fixtures significantly. SSL BUZZ DOE’s latest round of CALiPER testing takes a look at PAR 38 halogen replacements and reports pretty positive findings overall. WHITE PAGES Delve deeper into the controversy surrounding the possible negative effects of electric light on historic paintings and artwork. NUMBER 27 • MARCH 2013 THE 2013 PRODUCT INNOVATION AWARDS Now in our third year, we’ve seen a maturation of products, several new entry types not seen before, and a lot more products in application. [Page 22] 08 10 ARCHITECTURAL SSL • 519 BRIARCLIFF ROAD, BOLINGBROOK, IL 60440 ARCHITECTURAL SSL • Chronicling the Advancement of LEDs in the Built Environment CT INNOVA T DU O 72 SSL Buzz: Culvers Puts LED in the Mix. SSL Buzz: The W San Fran Delivers Wow Factor. White Pages: 3D Printing Impacting SSL.

Architectural SSL - March 2013

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