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Cookie Cutter. Why settle for off-the-shelf pharmacy software? HBS operates under the notion that a successful system is more than pre-set features served up in a typical pharmacy software package. Customization and flexibility are key factors in the continued success of your pharmacy, and unique features like an integrated MTM and client web portal may fulfill your wishes. (800) 444-1427 l Continually enhanced and customized for nearly 30 years, HBS’ pharmacy management systems provide all levels of pharmacy an easy-to-use application tailored to manage your operation efficiently —not to mention other products and features that are bound to provide your pharmacy with something special. Introduce yourself to HBS. Visit us at or call us for additional info. Because helping you make your pharmacy successful is what we do! THE SMART CHOICE IN PHARMACY SOFTWARE Independent l Chain l Institutional/Nursing Home l Mail Order/Central Fill


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