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An open letter to Workers, Trade Unionists and Socialists from the Communist Party I am sure you will have been shocked by recent statements from Labour Party leaders on public spending cuts, public sector wages and pensions and on welfare benefits. These statements broadly confirm their support for the rationale and approach of the Con-Dem government towards these issues. They highlight the need for collective thought and action by the labour movement in general - and by the trade unions in particular. As a contribution to the broad, inclusive and intensive discussion that we believe is needed on the left and in the labour movement, the Communist Party has issued the statement below. Please read and discuss it with friends, workmates, trade union colleagues and comrades. We urge you to raise these issues in your trade union and political organisations. I would also welcome any comments you would like to make to the Communist Party directly (please indicate whether you wish them to remain confidential). Our labour movement needs to face up to its responsibilities, in the knowledge that millions of people look to its organisations for support and solidarity. It is with this in mind that the Communist Party feels compelled to raise these issue now, as a matter of urgency. Robert Griffiths CP General Secretary

Open letter to the labour movement

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