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Clo serStill te De topic e of pre of Clo Keyno ssion WED TIAL DEN RESICARE n Re co a th+c heal newspaper2 Email: training@closerstillmedia. com Or call: 0207 348 4906 at tim rily those ly the se rrect On was co t necessainstance. ation no s Inform eakers are red. In thi the sp it is sponso states Care homes have the potential to develop a whole range of new services that would enable them to become centres of excellence for the management of dementia and other long term conditions. dieticians, audiologists opticians and dentists should be persuaded to work more closely with the sector and spend more time supporting people in residential care. promoting their services: ‘They have got to get out there and change the view of commissioners. It requires people from local care services to bang on the door and make their voice heard.’ This is the ambitious vision that Professor Martin Green, chief executive of the English Community Care Association, will be sharing with attendees at the Health +Care event. Commissioners may need to make some unpopular decisions about providing more services in independent care homes where nurses are cheaper to employ because employers don’t have to fund expensive public sector pensions. ‘Some healthcare professionals would definitely lose out from this arrangement but we need to remind ourselves that the issue is about how you shift resources around the system so that the citizen wins rather than the professional. The professional’s role is to support the citizen. To achieve standards of excellence residential care employers need think about investing in their workforce so that it is well trained, highly skilled and properly remunerated. People need to feel that that rather than just doing a job that they have a career. ‘People who work in this sector are brilliant at what they do and we must start to recognise that as a society,’ he says. Professor Green envisages a future where care homes will provide long-term residential care, reablement services, respite, night and day care services and emergency interventions plus support for carers. This will require commissioners to channel money from the NHS into care homes which could provide support for people with long term conditions more cheaply. ‘The bottom line is there’s going to be no extra funding in this sector so what we have got to do is reapportion what we’ve got,’ he says. Care home owners also need to move away from relying on block contracts provided by the state. As clients gain greater control of their finances through personal budgets and direct payments they will be able to make more informed choices about the services they require. Healthcare professionals such as GPs, nurses, Care homes, says Professor Green, should be ‘Care homes need to start diversifying and becoming P STO PRESS Keynote speakers include RT Hon Normal Lamb RT Hon Stephen Dorrell RT Hon Andy Burnham The Care Quality Commission is considering appointing a chief inspector of primary care as part of a three year plan to radically change the way it inspects and regulates services. Proposals for this new layer of regulation for GPs were first announced by the Government in its response to the Francis Inquiry into the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust scandal. Two other new chief inspectors of hospitals and social care are also being created. The new strategy proposes that bigger, more expert inspection teams will spend longer in hospitals talking to people. They will also oversee performance ratings. Your business... The CQC says in future it will be’ firmly’ on the side of patients and people who use services. It has also promised to publish better ng ki RE BEHAN ea ID sp +CA e DAVl b il w t HEALTH a CQC may introduce new layer of regulation for GPs information for the public, helping them to more easily find and understand its reports on care services. g REEN n E G aki R IN pe +CA RT e s MA l b il w t HEALTH a Radical solutions for 21st century care services: come and hear them at the Health+Care show Prof Martin Green a business rather than just a service. It is a trend and the people who don’t get that message won’t survive. The care home businesses that will thrive in the future will be those that are creative and start doing things differently.’ Professor Green who is speaking at the Health + Care event and is also chairing the first day in the residential theatre says: ‘People should come to this conference because it’s an opportunity not only to hear presentations from some very experienced people in the sector, but also to express their views, network with colleagues and visit the exhibition where there will be some practical ideas on show that will help them deliver better care.’ RT Hon Paul Burstow How do you personalise a large care home for people living with dementia without additional staff or money? The new inspection regime will scrutinise the things that are most important to people such as: are services safe, effective, caring and well led, and do they respond to people’s needs? The answer is through individual service funds, says Helen Sanderson, chief executive of Helen Sanderson Associates, a consultancy which works with organisations to achieve person centred change. The strategy also says the CQC will use information and evidence more effectively to predict, identify and respond to services that are failing. This includes listening better to people’s views and experience of care and to care staff to hear about their concerns. Ms Sanderson, will be giving a presentation to the Health + Care show about a project at Bruce Lodge, a care home in Stockport where they introduced person centred practices and the principles of individual service funds to 43 people with dementia. The CQC says it will introduce a programme for failing trusts that makes sure immediate action is taken to protect people and deal with the failure. CQC Chief Executive David Behan said: ... one solution. Thank you to our partners 020 8893 9039 speaks to Health+Care on page 2 Personalised care in practice David Behan ‘People have a right to expect safe, effective, compassionate, high quality care. CQC plays a vital role in making sure that care services meet those expectations. CONTINUED ON PAGE 7 There was no extra money available so instead they gave the residents two hours of time a month that they could use as they wished. CONTINUED ON PAGE 7 CACI’s OfficeBase software provides unparalleled functionality to drive your care and support business, ensuring a single version of the truth. Thank you to our partners Damon Palmer Thank you to our partners Thank you to our supporters

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