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enabling I N N O V A T I O N 2 0 1 2 W e s t m i n s t e r B u s i n e s s A p p r e c i at i on E v e n t Friday, October 5, 2012 Westin Westminster Hotel Ballroom 10:00 am - 1:00 pm Complimentary Luncheon and Program | Business Appreciation Awards Event is open to all licensed Westminster businesses | RSVP 303-706-3030 or The City of Westminster invited business appreciation honorees to share their wisdom garnered from decades of operating companies and serving customers. They each shared their own thoughts and advice on what is necessary for success in business, as well as how they have adapted to innovations in their industries and how they plan to handle future innovations. A S p e c i a l P u bl i c at i on of C ol or a d o C o m m u n i t y M e d i a 60 50 Wooden Shoe Child Care Bennett Dental Group 9180 Yarrow St. | You’ve got to have heart Owner Kimberlee Ackelson (in second row, sixth from the left) and her staff Founded in 1952 by Betty Jean Counce, the current owner’s mother, the Westminster business is a preschool, kindergarten, before and after school program and day care for children ages one year to 12 years old. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Facilities include eight classrooms, two indoor pools, oversized playgrounds, a gymnasium, music room, greenhouse/art area, baseball diamond, volleyball pit and basketball court. Activities and services include hot lunches, two daily snacks, cooking classes, Spanish language instruction, educational field trips, community service and elementary school shuttle. “About a year ago, one mother said to me, ‘You took me on a tour about 10 years ago, and you really got down on my child’s level. You looked in my child’s face and talked to him as if it was his school tour. You not only made sure we as parents were treated with importance; you made my child feel so welcome, like it was all about him. You went right to him and I knew where your heart was.’”– Kimberlee Ackelson, owner 5130 W. 80th Ave., Suite 202 | If I were asked to give advice to new business owners, I would say, “If your heart is in the right place you will succeed. And never, ever give up” because perseverance is the key. You have to have a passion for what you do. My mother did and I followed in her footsteps. Now my two daughters work here and my five grandchildren go here. We believe the most important job in the world is shaping the hearts and minds of young children. A creative staff innovating for a better experience Innovation at Wooden Shoe has come directly from my staff members who are loving, enthusiastic, motivated, experienced and dedicated. I feel as a unit, collectively, we have such creative and talented people that we’re able to transition, improvise and be flexible. Our vision has always been to make our school better. Innovation to meet new demands We continue to increase outdoor activities to address childhood obesity concerns, and have added a science teacher this past summer to increase our focus in that critical area. Already a very multicultural environment, we are implementing a Spanish class this fall. I am thinking about creating an infant center to meet the increased demand from families with both parents in the workforce. I want to continue to find ways to provide a fun, fulfilling environment for children so their parents can go to work and feel good about the diversity of experiences their children are having at Wooden Shoe. with confidence. Don’t take them personally. Just be open and find out what their concerns and questions are. When you don’t know an answer, don’t be afraid to say I’ll get back to you. It’s better to wait and be right. Be willing to stretch, but not so much that you endanger yourself or your patients. Keep learning. Bennett Dental Group owners Scott S. Bennett and Kirsten Be open to new technolWest-Bennett ogy and new ideas. Keep your standards and know Founded by James M. Bennett in 1962, this general family dentistry practice what works, but don’t be afraid to grow as serves patients ages three to 103. Specialty a professional. services include Lumineers, the safe, painMore efficiency and quality less porcelain veneer, and Invisalign, the invisible way to straighten teeth without My dad used to keep an appointment braces. Other services are fillings, crowns, book, but I use a computer scheduler. bridges, extractions, root canals, dentures, Computer files now replace paper charts. deep cleaning, nitrous oxide, X-rays, di- Digital X-rays have much less radiation, agnostic exams, esthetic dentistry, tooth better resolution, and are much quicker whitening, oral cancer screening and im- than film X-rays. Crowns can be done plants. digitally, too. We can scan an impres“I’m humbled to continue in a business my sion into a computer and send it to the father started 50 years ago, building the same lab, which will send back a crown that fits kind of trusting relationships. I had it happen like a glove. We also do implants digitally. with a very nice, young man who had a huge The innovation we’ve seen in the last 10 underbite. I told him, ‘You’re doing okay but years makes us much more efficient and you can make some changes if you want.’ We it’s much better for patients, so everybody referred him to an orthodontist, and he went wins. full bore where we reset and wired his mouth More digitization shut for months. He also had dark yellow teeth, and Kirsten just finished his veneers. As our society becomes more digital, our Each time he came in, he was more confident. desire for instant gratification and the Now he smiles a lot more. Every day I can need for instant results will become more change the way someone smiles, even with prevalent. Right now, we have to wait for day-to-day procedures, and they have renewed things to come from the lab. There may be confidence; that is the most gratifying thing an innovation that changes that. All these procedures may become digitized, making we ever do.” – Scott Bennett, co-owner other tools or procedures obsolete. The Be open, confident and grow way we dentists do our jobs with tools and My advice to new business owners is trust equipment may be different, but I will still in yourself. Deal with customers’ fears be working in your mouth.

Westminster Business Appreciation

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