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A Colorado Community Media Publication King Soopers in line for overhaul City OKs incentives; final call will be made by corporate By Jennifer Smith jsmith@ourcoloradonews. com Littleton City Council is prepared to give King Soopers $500,000 in incentives to turn the store at Littleton Boulevard and Broadway into the twin of its newly remodeled Englewood location. “I do believe this could be the beginning of that gateway I keep talking about,” said Councilor Jerry Valdes, who represents that area of the city. City Manager Michael Penny explained that King Soopers’ corporate representatives considered expanding into the old Walgreens space or even relocating entirely as other cities try to woo them away. But their preferred option is to completely scrape the entire building and build a new one that will result in a store that’s about 22,000 square feet bigger. “This is an economically distressed area,” noted Penny. “For the most part, we are not seeing dollars reinvested in this area. … It is our hope that this is the first domino to fall.” On Sept. 17, council unanimously approved a resolution to waive $500,000 in building permits and use taxes for the project, which is expected to start in January and take about a year if King Soopers officials approve it. That means a loss of sales-tax revenue for the city that year, which Penny said averages about $250,000 a year for Soopers continues on Page 29 Littleton City Council is prepared to offer King Soopers $500,000 in incentives to remodel its store at Broadway and Littleton Boulevard. Photo by Jennifer Smith Decades of change Four former city managers, who still live in area, share 50-plus years of history By Jennifer Smith Something to CHEER about Arapahoe High School cheerleaders lead the young mini cheers in the halftime performance at the Sept. 16 football game at Littleton Public Schools Stadium. About 125 4- to 14-year-old girls attended the one-day mini cheer training to take part in the performance. PHOTO BY TOM MUNDS Just as the river and the railroad run through Littleton, so they run through the lives of the four men who charted the city’s course for more than a halfcentury. “Those projects went through all of us,” said Andy McMinimee, Littleton’s city manager from 1987 through 1999. McMinimee joined Jim Woods (1999-2011), Gale Christy (1972-1987) and Larry Borger (1968-1971) at Jose’s Managers continues on Page 27 Dear readers: Join us for an Independent adventure Newspaper is your hometown companion By Jerry Healey In addition to celebrating our 125th Anniversary this week, we are also doing our annual circulation drive and this issue has been sent to every house and business in the City of Littleton. Our readers will tell you that reading the Independent every week is an enjoyable experience. It is packed full of news about your community, Littleton. The number one reason people move to Littleton is that special sense of community, and the Littleton Independent POSTAL ADDRESS is at the very core of what makes Littleton special. The Independent dates back to 1888, and the Littleton Museum still has a copy of that very special inaugural edition. Along the way, the Independent has documented our city’s major events, accomplishments, turmoil, births, deaths, graduations, sporting accomplishments and cultural activities. A community is only complete when it has a good hometown publication like the Independent. Read it cover to cover and I can guarantee you that life in Littleton will be more complete as a result of being an educated voter, being in the know about events happening in the area and staying up on what your friends and neighbors are doing. We only have our circulation drive once per year and it is happening now. It is when we offer our buy one, get one free special. Purchase one year’s subscription at $20 and get a second year free. A reader told us last week that we under-value our publication and that she would pay much more for it. After all, home delivery to your mailbox, Healey with this special price, is 19 cents per week, when the price of mailing a first-class letter is 46 cents. We do this so that price is not a factor. We want everyone to be able to afford to read our paper. We want everyone to be informed and enjoy this experience. And we want Littleton to continue to be a special place, and that requires an informed community. There is a sticker on the front page. Pull it off and please subscribe now. Or, put it on your fridge or some other place to remind you. Or call 303-566-4100 or go to and click on the “subscribe” link at top right. We need and appreciate our subscribers and I invite all non-subscribers to join our family of readers. Kind Regards, Jerry Healey Publisher/Owner LITTLETON INDEPENDENT (ISSN 1058-7837) (USPS 315-780) OFFICE: 9137 S. Ridgeline Blvd., Suite 210, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129 PHONE: 303-566-4100 A legal newspaper of general circulation in Englewood, Colorado, the Littleton Independent is published weekly on Thursday by Colorado Community Media. PERIODICALS POSTAGE PAID AT ENGLEWOOD, COLORADO AND ADDITIONAL MAILING OFFICES. POSTMASTER: Send address change to: 9137 S. Ridgeline Blvd., Suite 210, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129 DEADLINES: Display advertising: Thurs. 11 a.m. Legal advertising: Thurs. 11 a.m. Classified advertising: Mon. 12 p.m. GET SOCIAL WITH US The Littleton Independent wants to share the news. Check out and like our facebook page. Search for Littleton Independent.

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