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ourcolorado CLASSIFIEDS TO ADVERTISE, CALL 303-566-4100 INSIDE .com REAL ESTATE CAREERS MARKETPLACE SERVICE DIRECTORY Rightsizing your next home O ne of today’s real estate trends is appropriately named “rightsizing.” This happens when an existing home owner wants to rightsize their housing needs in terms of space, upkeep and mortgage costs. Typically, Empty Nesters or buyers in retirement are looking to rightsize, but this trend applies to anyone looking to buy their next home.One of the ways current students or even recent graduates can make themselves more attractive to prospective employers is to find the right internship. Internships are not always easy to get, and many of them don’t pay. But students who find the right internship often look back and recognize that their internship was their first step toward a rewarding career, and a step that provided valuable insight into their chosen field. To find the right internship, consider the following tips. Whether you are interested in living in a traditional neighborhood or a master-planned community full of amenities, with these simple steps you will be able to find the rightsized home to fit your needs. SPACE For the first time in many years, smaller homes have become much more dominant in the marketplace. For many, the right fitting home is smaller than ever before. The assump- tion is that only Empty Nesters or retired adults would welcome less space, but today’s families are discovering the appeal of smaller homes. Less space means less to maintain inside and out, providing more time to enjoy the home and less time cleaning. Smaller homes also can help to rightsize costs, from the energy bill to the mortgage, which is always an attractive feature. Looking at the bigger picture, a smaller home carries a reduced carbon footprint and adds to the environmental appeal of such a decision. UPKEEP For some, the most important home amenity is maintenance or the lack thereof. A home within a masterplanned community, for example, appeals to those who have reached a point in their lives where they want to spend less time taking care of a home and more time enjoying their home. Generally designed to provide lowmaintenance properties, these communities allow for a lock-and-leave lifestyle, meaning if the homeowner wants to leave for a long weekend or an extended holiday, they simply lock their home and leave without needing to arrange to have the grass cut and watered, or snow shoveled from the sidewalk. Even if they aren’t traveling, these homeowners can also enjoy being at home and not having those tasks on their to-do list, ever thanks to the maintenance provided by the Home Owner’s Association (HOA). COST When looking for a home, cost is oftentimes the leading factor in any search. Cost varies greatly depending on the age and size of a home, the surrounding community and a number of other factors that figure into the value of a home. When looking for your next home, make sure to consider what matters most to you – style of home, amenities, walkability, etc. – knowing the rightsize cost will affect which elements are possible. One way to rightsize your cost, yet still afford many of the community features you want, is to look in a neighborhood or master-planned community that offers multiple housing types. When a mixture of housing types is available – single-family, patio home or other style – it is much more reasonable to expect to find the rightsized mortgage to fit your financial needs. And, when you bring together home styles that appeal to everyone from young professionals and growing families, to Empty Nesters and active adults, a vibrant community is the result. As you head out to find your next home, don’t think of it as fitting in with the Jones’, but rightsizing with your needs. After all, the Jones’ won’t be living there, so you shouldn’t buy a home with their needs in mind. ■ Author’s Byline: Jeff Hall is senior sales and marketing manager for Solterra, a master-planned community in Lakewood. He may be reached at 303.790.6582 or For more information about Solterra, please visit WE BELIEVE ENERGY STAR IS JUST A STARTING POINT. WE ARE NEW TOWN BUILDERS. R MODEL NOW OPEN! We’re inspired by classic Colorado architecture and passionate about craŌsmanship. Yet we geek out on the latest technology and building techniques. The thicker walls in our high performance homes allow for 60% more money-saving insulaƟon than in a convenƟonal home, and our roof is 6 inches higher than a typical home, so we get 2½ Ɵmes MORE insulaƟon in the aƫc. This reduces heat loss, and more importantly, reduces your energy bill! BRAND NEW HOMES IN CASTLEWOOD RANCH! Margaret Sandel - 303.500.3255 7001 Weaver Circle, Castle Rock Walking Distance to Schools! Semi-Custom Homes on One Acre Up to 4-Car Garages 3 to 7 Bedrooms, 2-1/2 to 4-3/4 Baths 2,887 to 3,576 s.f. Homes 2-Story Plans Main Floor Master Plans From the $400’s Price, features, specifications, availability and other terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

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