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ourcolorado CLASSIFIEDS TO ADVERTISE, CALL 303-566-4100 Instruction Are You Ready For A Rewarding Career? ... This Is For You! .com Help Wanted Landscaping/Nurseries Liquor Store Clerk FT/PT nights, weekends, stocking, cleaning, must be 21. Apply in person Monument Liquor Mart 15756 Jackson Creek Parkway (WalMart/Home Depot center) Ready For A Rewarding Career... This Is For You! to Succeed AssistAssist to Succeed Dental Assisting Dental Assisting School School Approved the Colorado Department Higher Education egulated by and the Regulated ColoradobyDepartment of Higher ofEducation For Private Occupational Schools pational Schools Saturdays, Only $3,995 s ...10Only $3,995 Now Enrolling For Fall Session - Call Now! rt August 31st in Colorado Springs (719) 332-6146 or 599-0700 (719) 599-0700 -6146 or (719) www.smilesfi Please Recycle this Publication when Finished For Local News Anytime of the Day Visit Farm Products & Produce Grain Finished Buffalo quartered, halves and whole 719-775-8742 Cleaning APRIL’S FRESH CLEANING Have your home professionally cleaned, once a month, once a week or bi-weekly, whatever you need. Have excellent references. Call April for a free estimate 719-492-5947. Gutters Accurate Rain Gutters Supply 5" Seamless Rain Gutters Free Estimates (719)203-0292 Tree Service Tree Cuts $40 - $80 Fire Mittigation 719-306-6960 Call for free estimate

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