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Douglas County School District Winter 2012 No Budget Cuts for 2013-2014 School Year Responsible fiscal management and improved revenue forecast place District on good financial footing Superintendent Elizabeth Fagen announced in November that there will be no budget cuts for the next school year. “We have reviewed the state revenue forecast, we have reviewed the Governor’s budget proposal and we have reviewed possible increased costs in the district for next year – like PERA, health insurance premiums, and fuel costs – and we have determined that given the stability and excellent fiscal health of our budget, we will be making no budget reductions for next year,” said Fagen. “This is great news for our students and our employees.” Following a difficult economic climate and five years of pay freezes and budget cuts, DCSD worked diligently last year to balance the budget and plan for the increased costs curve. Last year DCSD faced an $18 M budget deficit. The district constructed a budget package with three goals in mind: to prepare every student to compete on the world stage for any college or career of their choice; improve the quality of life for employees; and continue to improve the fiscal health of the district. “We were committed to ending years of pay freezes, reducing class sizes in our high schools, not cutting our elementary schools at all, holding our middle schools steady, and improving employee benefit packages – a seemingly impossible combination when we began,” continued Fagen. “We chose to scour every District budget line and simultaneously look closely at all contracts for reallocation possibilities.” As a result of budget work, DCSD reduced central budget lines by approximately $12 M, reduced $1.5 M from our high schools, reduced $2 M through contract negotiations and increased funding to middle and elementary schools. The District also provided all employees with a 3% compensation increase as well as increased benefits. “For the coming year, our goal is to continue to add money back to our schools by increasing site-based budget amounts across the board and to continue to give employee raises and one-time stipends (with one-time money) with any additional dollars we receive from the state,” said Fagen.   Visit to read full stories about the topics in Today

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