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PARENTS’ LEAGUE NEWSLETTER Spring 2014 Important Dates and Events March 10-14 Spring Break March 31 Deadline Day Advising Corner Effective Communication Tips for Students By Summer Cacciotti, Senior Academic Advisor April 14 - 18 Undergraduate Research Week May 7-13 Final Exams May 16 Commencement Ceremonies Government Ceremony Gregory Gym, 8:30 a.m. Liberal Arts Joint Ceremony Frank Erwin Center , 11:30 a.m. ROTC Joint Commissioning Bates Recital Hall, 3 p.m. History Ceremony Bass Concert Hall, 6 p.m. May 17 Commencement Ceremonies Economics Ceremony Gregory Gym, 9 a.m. Plan II Ceremony Hogg Auditorium, 9 a.m. Center for Mexican American Studies Student Activity Center, 10 a.m. English Ceremony Gregory Gym, 12:30 p.m. Psychology Ceremony Gregory Gym, 3:30 p.m. Effective communication skills are a hallmark of a Liberal Arts education. Beyond writing papers and in-class essays, navigating the University offers students many opportunities to hone their communication skills in everything from asking a professor for a meeting outside of office hours to applying for scholarships. Helpful guidelines for students include 1. Choose the method of communication that best suits the information you need to learn or convey. Quick issues with straightforward answers are best suited to emails. Complicated issues such as unclear course material that or discussing a withdrawal should happen in person whenever practical. 2. Make your goals clear. Sometimes this is obvious – the student who wants to know if a file can be submitted as a PDF is only looking for a yes or no. For students who need a particular action taken, such as a signature on a form or a letter of recommendation by a certain deadline, they must make this clear and be sure to include any relevant information. An email that doesn’t appear to be urgent won’t be treated as such. 3. Include identifying information in emails. Students’ EIDs should be included in email correspondence so that Jane A. Smith doesn’t receive information that actually pertains to Jane B. Smith. Since professors often teach more than one class, students should also specify which course they’re taking. 4. Keep communication professional. The University is training students for the workplace while also being a workplace for faculty and staff. Until the Supreme Court issues a ruling in Comic Sans written in textspeak and including profanity, students will want to reserve these types of communications for their friends. 5. Watch for SANs. Secure Academic Notes (SANs) are secure emails sent by the University with information that concerns confidential student information. Students will receive an email titled “SAN notification” and log in with their EIDs and passwords to view information. For students who don’t use an official UT Austin email address, these notifications can end up in spam folders. University-wide Ceremony Tower, Main Mall, 8 p.m. Do you like receiving the Parents’ League Newsletter via email? Let us know! Send your responses to:

Parents' League Spring 14

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