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COE DIVERSITY NEWSLETTER: OUR LENS Volume 2 – Issue 1 COE Diversity Newsletter: Our Lens BECOMING CULTURALLY RESPONSIVE PROFESSIONALS IN THIS ISSUE A Lifelong Process We know that taking steps to become a well-rounded educator is a lifelong process. Therefore, the COE Diversity Committee has been busy compiling resources for our second volume of Our Lens. Educational Resources In honor of Deaf Awareness Week (September 23-30th) we hope you check out this amazing video done by Steve Hartman, a UNO Student, who made this video to promote UNO and Deaf Education/Awareness. Please email ideas for future topics or upcoming events to Hanna Wanzenried-Solberg, TED GA, at or by dropping off submissions to Roskens Hall 308B. Our Lens is a COE Diversity Committee sponsored project. The next issue will be published in November 2012. In this section you’ll find a collection of educational resources and user friendly curriculum. Page 2 Upcoming Community Programs In this section you’ll find a compilation of upcoming community events, trainings and programs that will help you become a more informed educator. Page 3

Our Lens

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