Issuu on Google+ n t r a l N e w Important changes coming this fall Both CNM and the federal government have made some big changes that will affect students beginning in the fall term, according to an email sent by the Financial Aid Department. time after July 1, 2012, who do not have a high school diploma, GED or state homeschool completion, are no longer eligible for the Pell Grant. Previously, students could still receive financial aid after passing an approved test or by successfully completing six college-level classes. The previous aid limit of nine years has been shortened to 600 percent, or six years. For students attending school full time yearround, that means they must complete their undergraduate studies in six years. For students attending year-round part time, Repayment the limit would be 12 incentives eliminated years. It is important to The U.S. Federal note that while this is effective as of the fall term, Government can no longer it backdates for all current offer incentives for students students. Students can find repaying loans. their current percentage Direct loan by visiting interest rate raised Student loan The new fixed annual repayment grace interest rate for Direct period discontinued Subsidized loans is now 6.8 percent. This will Students will no longer remain in effect through receive a six month grace 2013. The precious interperiod for loan repayment est rate was 3.4 percent. after completing undergraduate studies for any loans Transcript borrowed after July 1, 2012. verification now Loan repayment will now required begin immediately after Students applying for leaving school. This does not the Pell Grant must turn affect loans received before in a transcript from all July 1, 2012. For students previous post-secondary receiving a post-graduate degree, loans must be pay education institutions to be eligible for financial aid. on while attending school. Appointment needed to Family income see academic adviser eligibility limit lowered Tuesday July 10 83° isolated t-storms o c o m m u n i t y “Mothers bring in their own pumps and lock the door so they don’t get Business interrupted. They can sit Manager comfortably, read some L a c t a t i o n magazines and then leave,” station services have been said Brittenham. Achievement Coach expanded to more CNM campuses for students, fac- Chioma Heim said she realulty, and staff who need ized how desperately CNM to pump breast milk, said needed to raise awareness Student Health Center about lactation stations when she returned from Director Marti Brittenham. Private rooms can be maternity leave and had reserved at no cost with difficulty finding a place to no requirements or paper- pump in private. “I didn’t know where work in order to pump to go. My office is all glass milk, said Brittenham. The Academic Advisement Office, located in the Student Services Center room 203, will no longer accept walk-in appointments in an effort to cut down on student wait times. Appointments can be made with an adviser by calling 224-4321. Wednesday July 11 Thursday July 12 partly cloudy partly cloudy 84° c o l l e g e Volume 17 | Issue 38 Lactation stations now available By Stefany Olivas Managing Editor Students enrolling in school for the first c Private rooms provided for breastfeeding mothers By Jyllian Roach Ability to Benefit eligibility changes i FYI A student’s Expected Family Contribution is automatically zero only if the family earns less than $23,000 a year rather than the previous limit of $32,000. x cnm Financial Aid Changes Pell Grant recipients will be allowed only six total years of aid e Chronicle 07/10 - 07/16/12 M and other offices still had for years on campus, but the little sliver of window this is first time intentional on them I would try to plans were made to expand cover,” said Heim. to multiple campuses, said It is important for the Multi Campus Director people to know that there Jennifer Cornish are places to go in order to She said she has been pump breast milk, she said. working with Student “Women need to be able Success Team Leaders the to pump and feed their kids. past six months to make It’s uncomfortable to be in a the stations more available. place feeling like you can’t A station in the Jeannette properly provide for your Stromberg building is the family. I knew I wasn’t the only one that is not open yet only person who needed to and stations at Rio Rancho pump,” said Heim. Lactation stations have been operating informally see LACTATION on page 7 Where to pump Montoya Campus: South Valley Campus: 6) SV, room 40 3) Staff at front desks provide access 5 7) SV, room 32 4 3 4) I building, room 211 5) G building, Room 201 GRAPHIC BY JONATHAN GAMBOA | STAFF e the C CNM Montoya Campus 6 1 8 7 2 9 CNM South Valley Campus CNM West Side Campus Westside Campus 8) Staff at front desk provide service 9) MJG Building, Room 201-C CAMPUS MAPS FROM CNM.EDU CNM Main Campus Main Campus: 1) Janet Stromberg Hall, Room TBA 2) Student Services Center, Room 206 A look inside: “Savages” Review Entertainment Pg. 5 84° Friday July 13 partly cloudy 87° Saturday July 14 partly cloudy Quelab Feature Pg. 8 90° Sunday July 15 partly cloudy 90° Monday July 16 partly cloudy 95°

Issue 38, Volume 17

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