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Newsletter of the Center for Middle East and Islamic Studies U.S. NAVAL ACADEMY Spring 2013 Volume 3, Issue 2 “Witnessing Diplomacy.” by Ambassador John Limbert On February 20, 2013 thirty -five midshipmen from classes in political science (FP 462, The U.S. and Iran) and history (HH367B, the History and Culture of Iran) had a rare first-hand look into the complex world of AmericanIranian relations. They trav- eled to the Asia Society in New York to hear a public exchange between Ambassador Thomas Pickering, former U.S. Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs, and Ambassador Mohammad Khaza’i, current permanent representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations. David Ignatius, author and senior reporter for the Washington Post, moderated the discussion. The very setting of the exchange was unusual. Ambassador Khaza’i, like all members of the Iranian UN Mission, cannot travel outside a 25-mile radius from down- town New York without permission from the U.S. government. Khaza’i rarely appears at public events and, until this session, has preferred private meetings with small groups of Americans interested in Iranian affairs. Because there are no diplomatic relations between Washington and Tehran, Khaza’i is the highestranking Iranian official resident on U.S. soil. The students immediately understood the symbolism of the occasion. Why, they asked, is an official from one side talking to a retired official (and private citizen) (Continued on page 9) Midshipmen Participate in “Roads of Arabia” Tour Through the gracious invita- ogy and History of the King- Arabian Peninsula’s rich her- tion of Saudi-Aramco and dom of Saudi Arabia” exhib- itage from the Paleolithic the Sackler Gallery, midship- it. Considered by many crit- period to the formation of men and faculty were able ics as the most comprehen- the Kingdom of Saudi Ara- to participate in a docent- sive collection of Saudi Ara- bia in 1932. led tour of the joint- bian artifacts to be dis- Most interesting to the mid- sponsored Kingdom of Saudi played at an international shipmen was the rich, multi- Arabia and SAUDI-ARAMCO venue, the exhibit features “Roads of Arabia: Archaeol- 320 artifacts that trace the (Continued on page 6) Kylan Jones-Huffman Memorial Lectures   DR. FRED DONNER— “HOW ISLAM BEGAN.” H.E. AMBASSADOR HOUNONOO—“BAHRAINIUS RELATIONS.” DA  SAID SAYRAFIEZADEH— “REFLECTIONS ON IRANIAN -AMERICAN LITERATURE.” Inside this issue: “WITNESSING DIPLOMACY” 1 ROADS OF ARABIA 1 PROF. WHEELER SABBATICAL 2 PROF. BURT SABBATICAL 3 INTERFAITH DIALOGUE 4 WHEELER FULBRIGHT 5 DR. DANIEL ZISENWIINE 6 DR. FRED DONNER 7 H.E. AMB HOUDA NONOO 7 SAID SAYRAFIEZADEH 8 MEIR LITVAK 8 UPCOMING EVENTS 10 AFFILIATED FACULTY 11 JOIN US ON TWITTER! 12

Usna center for middle east and islamic studies, spring 2013

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