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THE CLINICAL ADVISOR • JULY 2012 A FORUM FOR NURSE PRACTITIONERS NEWSLINE ■ Food and fitness studies ■ Hormone therapy review ■ Hep C in baby-boomers ADVISOR FORUM ■ Childhood obesity ■ Postmenopausal hair loss ■ Getting the cervix in view LEGAL ADVISOR Treatment for pancreatitis ends in foot amputation ✶ FREE CE COURSES! ■ Dermatology Clinic BLUE-BLACK PAPULE ON THE HAND PAGE 47 VOLUME 15, NUMBER 7 ■ Dermatology Clinic ERYTHEMATOUS PALM LESIONS PAGE 53 Expanded job listings! | J U LY 2 01 2 | CE: MANAGING PEDIATRC FOOD ALLERGY Manifestations of food allergy include urticaria and angioedema (shown here).

July 2012 Clinical Advisor

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