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THE CLINICAL ADVISOR •APRIL 2013 A F O R U M F O R P H Y S I C I A N A S S I S TA N T S NEWSLINE ■ Make screening personal ■ Asthma drug relieves hives ■ AF and dementia linked ADVISOR FORUM ■ Mix formula as directed ■ Minimize patch reaction ■ Gagless strep test LEGAL ADVISOR Immunization at school without parental consent ✶ FREE CME COURSES! ■ Dermatology Clinic TENDER, ATROPHIC ARM LESION PAGE 73 ■ Dermatologic Look-Alikes VOLUME 16, NUMBER 4 WHITE PLAQUES ON THE TONGUE PAGE 79 W Where do you rank iin our Salary Survey? F Find out the results coming iin our May issue. | A P R I L 2 013 | SEXUAL RISK BEHAVIOR IN OLDER ADULTS Prevalence of HIV (green) and other STDs is on the rise among adults aged 55 years and older.

April 2013 Clinical Advisor

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