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The Lakeland Fire Department Issue 2, Fall 2013 n In This Issue Cover Story Training 1 3 Ceremonies 4 Rescue 6 History 12 Community 10 Upcoming 13 Around the St. 14 Awards Outreach This & That Celebrate 17 18 19 20 Your comments, suggestions, and questions are always welcome. Please contact Janel Vasallo with any story ideas or information worth sharing. Meet Primos The New Rescue Pooch With Some Big Paws To Fill Lt. Vince Hazelbaker and his four legged sidekick, Cabella, a staple of Station 4’s B Shift and an allaround celebrity at the Lakeland Fire Department, recently welcomed a new addition to their Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) operation – Primos. The young black Labrador retriever is in the process of learning the ropes to eventually replace Cabella in her search and rescue duties upon her retirement. Lt. Hazelbaker and Cabella as a team are valuable assets to the people of Polk County and its surrounding communities, being the only Type I FEMA certified Live Search and Rescue Canine unit to serve the area. This prestigious certification offers lifesaving services to the citizens of Lakeland in the event of a disaster where people may become trapped or lost. Cont. on Page 7 1

Lakeland Fire Department Employee Newsletter - Fall 2013

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