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30290-I-0136 City of Lakeland’s Monthly Newsletter October 2013 IN THIS ISSUE Lakeland Electric Website New and Improved GEORGE RENNINGER INVENTS CANDY CORN GOELITZ CONFECTIONERY COMPANY BEGINS PRODUCTION (GOELITZ IS NOW CALLED JELLY BELLY CANDY COMPANY) When this popular treat shows up on the shelves, you know that Halloween is coming soon! Did you know that this candy favorite has been around since the Company, the original candy hasn't changed all that much. Today, however, automated manufacturing makes it possible to create millions of pounds of the confectionery treat every year. As you enjoy your spoils from this year's Trick o' Treating... 228 S. Massachusetts Ave. Lakeland, FL 33801 863.834.6000 remember you're eating a part of history! HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 75%{ 9 TION years later, the candy's recipe OTHER HOLIDAYS CUPID CORN (VALENTINE'S) ODUC was poured by hand. Over 100 HALLOWEEN ACCOUNTS FOR AL PR ANNU of the Wunderlee Candy } 1880s? Invented by George Renninger, an employee Lakeland Municipal Election: November 5 SUGAR CRISIS OF THE MID-70s RESULTED IN THE CLOSING OF MANY CANDY COMPANIES. CANDY CORN SAVED GOELITZ FROM BANKRUPTCY REINDEER CORN (CHRISTMAS) KERNELS ION Meet Margaret Orozco: Firefighter CANDY CORN BECAME SO POPULAR THAT PRODUCTION COULD NOT KEEP UP WITH DEMAND BILL City of Lakeland Employees Give Back 1880 1898 1900 1970 PRODUCED EACH YEAR LAID END-TO-END THEY WOULD CIRCLE THE MOON 21x INDIAN CORN (THANKSGIVING)

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