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Shellbrook Chronicle Th The voice i off th the P Parkland kl d ffor over 100 years VOL. 102 NO. 12| PMR #40007604 Shellbrook, Saskatchewan Friday, March 22, 2013 A dream comes true David Chaykowski can’t remember exactly why he chose the seven numbers he’s been playing on LOTTO MAX since the game started in 2009, but he’s thrilled he did. Those seven numbers – 9, 15, 17, 28, 35, 39 and 41 – netted the Big River resident a cool $30 Million Jackpot on the March 8th draw! “I know 9 was my hockey jersey number,” he laughed. “I’ve been trying to think of why I picked the others, but I can’t remember now.” Whatever the reason he initially chose the numbers, David bought a LOTTO MAX ticket with his usual selections from Big River Coop at 400 Hoehn Road. The ticket contained two self-chosen selections and four Quick Picks, entered for five consecutive draws. Normally, David wouldn’t have checked his ticket until after the last entered draw on April 5th, but this time he had a feeling he should check it early. “I had a dream on Saturday night that I was dividing $30 Million between my family,” he remembered. “My daughter told me there was a winner in Saskatchewan the day before. So when I woke up on Sunday, I got my tickets out of the truck and checked the numbers on the internet.” After showing the ticket to his wife, David’s first call was to another very important person. “I told my mom once that she’d be the first person I’d call if I ever won the lottery – so I called to tell her first,” he explained. “It’s unbelievable!” the lucky winner said. “I’m happy, but it’s still not sinking in!” David said he’s looking forward to retiring and added that just like in his dream, he plans to share his windfall with his family. Shellbrook Town Council received a tour of the new integrated health complex March 18th from Darcy Goudal ( in hard hat) of Graham Construction. The tour began in one of the long term care wings, where this photo was taken. It quickly became apparent from the fixtures to the furnishings throughout the facility that high quality was the construction theme. Photo: Tom Pierson New health facility tour reveals high quality By Tom Pierson Touring the new integrated Health complex under construction in Shellbrook was an eye-opener to say the least. While obviously a live construction zone, what can be seen shows an eye towards extreme quality. Graham Construction’s Darcy Goudal met with Town Council March 18th to give them a guided tour of the new facility. Everyone was extremely impressed with the way everything is taking shape, and construction is still on target for meeting the opening timeline. In the long term care wings, the individual rooms were designed with care and thoughtfulness about the little comforts. For example, every unit has a patient lifting device that has no limitations or obstructions within the suites. The patient can be moved from side to side and end to end in the unit. There are also family rooms for get-togethers to accommodate larger family gatherings and meals. In some of the common areas, large rooms with spectacular views enjoy televisions, fire places and more. The state of the art community kitchens speak for themselves. Over in the Emergency areas, bright spacious areas greet the visitor and accommodate staff and medical personnel with aplomb. Just off the ambulance bay is a room set aside for ambulance personnel to rest in comfort. A necessity considering what they have to accommodate in terms of stress and time on call. The employee areas and administration areas are just as well appointed as any other area of the new facility. They have access to all the tools and other items they need to keep the work force content. Photos on page 8 Lots of snow Larry Flysak, Outreach Officer with the Meteorological Service of Canada provided the following information regarding record snowfalls (Winter is considered as November 1 to February 28). In 1897/98 - 165.8 cm of snow fell. For the same period in 2012/13, we received 113 cm. But if you add October and up to March 15, 2013, the figure becomes 145.40cm of snow. That is 57.25 inches, or 4.77 feet. That is a lot of snow. THE SPRING THAW IS ON ITS WAY!!! Be sure to monitor your dwelling and yards to keep melting snow and ice from causing damage to your property and belongings. TOLL FREE: 1.877.898.8248 (TAIT) Shellbrook  Canwood  Leask 

March 22, 2013

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