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LOVELAND HERALD Your Community Press newspaper serving Loveland, Miami Township, Symmes Township WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2012 75¢ BECAUSE COMMUNITY MATTERS ‘Shenanigans’ cost city a volunteer Dickman cites discord as reason for resignation By Jeanne Houck LOVELAND — Loveland City Council “shenanigans” have led a member of the city’s Tree and Environment Committee to resign in disgust, according to Councilman Brent Zuch. “Division, divisiveness and undermining the efforts of other people has become a routine action at this body,” Zuch said. Zuch, who also serves on Loveland’s Tree and Environment Committee, said at the Oct. 23 city council meeting that Matt Dickman of Loveland, who is an urban forester for Cincinnati, resigned from the committee because Dickman felt: » disrespected by Loveland City Council members Angie Settell and Mark Fitzgerald as the city Tree and Environment Committee was taking a second look at the committee’s recommendation that city council support a policy urging the removal of all infested and possible host trees in Asian longhorned beetle quarantine areas – including a quarantine area in Bethel and Tate Township. Loveland is interested in the issue because part of the city is in Clermont County, which Bethel and Tate Township are in. » put off when he was at a Loveland City Council meeting in June and, in an unrelated matter, witnessed Settell recommend that City Manager Tom Carroll be reprimanded by city council for how Carroll handled discussions with organizers of Loveland’s Amazing Race – a recommendation supported by Fitzgerald but tabled by a majority of council. “I have in fact resigned from the Tree and Environment Committee,” Dickman told the Loveland Herald. “I have no further comment on our council or their apparent dysfunction.” At the recommendation of the city Tree and Environment Committee, Loveland City Council in June approved a resolution urging state and federal authorities to Loveland City Councilwoman Angie Settell says she's tired of Councilman Brent Zuch accusing her of playing politics. JEANNE HOUCK/THE COMMUNITY PRESS eradicate all trees in Asian longhorned beetle quarantine areas as opposed to other options that include removing only those trees Loveland’s own ‘funny farm’ Comedy Central highlights Blooms & Berries By Chuck Gibson Fall on the farm turned into fall on the funny-farm at Blooms & Berries Oct. 27. It all started when Blooms & Berries farm owner Jeff Probst received an email from the editorial producer of Comedy Central’s “Indecision” – the network’s online digital hub for politics and election news. “I follow up with a phone call,” Probst said. “An hour later, we have national exposure; which is pretty cool.” The email came about a week before the crew from Comedy Central wanted to film on the farm. Mary Phillips-Sandy is the editorial producer who sent the email to Jeff at Blooms & Berries. She was looking for a farm within an hour of where they would be staying while in the area. Blooms & Berries was one of the locations which came up on “Google” during her search. “They had a nice web site. I liked the looks of the place,” Phillips-Sandy said. “They had a corn maze, which worked for us, and hayrides, which I personally wanted to go on.” With Ohio considered one of the key states in the election process, the idea was to have some fun interviewing voters on the farm. They set up an “egg-board” with photo likenesses for people to throw eggs at the presidential candidates. “Jeff has been really helpful,” PhillipsSandy said. “He was immediately really enthusiastic. You can see the egg-board for people to throw eggs at the candidate they don’t want. We had some fun with that too.” Farm patrons willingly stopped to answer light-hearted election questions with interview host Jordan Carlos. “In these troubling times,” Carlos asked one voter. “Which candidate do you think is See COST, Page A2 Miami Twp. residents ask for new fire station By John Seney Dorcas Hallam with daughter Emily and son, Caleb enjoy the duck races. Dad Matt Hallam is just to the left of Caleb. CHUCK GIBSON/FOR THE COMMUNITY PRESS Presidential egg-board can be seen with egg on the faces of the candidates and egg shells on the ground in front of them. CHUCK GIBSON/FOR THE COMMUNITY PRESS better prepared to lead us through the corn maze?” One woman left the host and entire film crew laughing as she got off several FALLING INTO PLACE B1 FULL ELECTIONS COVERAGE Families enjoyed fall activities in Miami and Symmes townships. Get complete Elections results at GOLD PRICES ARE UP! WE BUY GOLD! “ANY KIND” OLD, BROKEN, UNWANTED, WORN OUT, ETC, ETC. CE-0000517201 with known infestations and treating possible host trees with a chemical insecticide. Zuch said the review of Loveland’s stand on how to eradicate the Asian longhorned beetle turned into a debacle. Zuch said Loveland missed the July 9 deadline by which it was to make its opinion – which includes a provision encouraging replanting trees in quarantine areas – known to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and lost Dickman. Zuch said Settell and Fitzgerald helped pass the resolution about Asian longhorned beetle in June but backtracked after “we got some push-back politically from outside the community.” one-line quips of her own including: “where’s wardrobe and make-up?” “The power of social media gave us an opportunity to take a very basic idea and turn it into as much as we could possibly make out of it,” Probst said. Online, mobile apps and social media is what they do. “We are not a TV show. We know that our audience is online,” Phillips-Sandy said. “We do a lot of this just for digital.” In case you’re wondering, “Indecision” took no position on any of the candidates. They even made the participants throw eggs at both candidates while filming at the egg-board. For one day, fall on the farm was See FUNNY, Page A2 Contact us News ..........................248-8600 Retail advertising ..............768-8196 Classified advertising .........242-4000 Delivery ........................576-8240 MIAMI TWP. — Several residents of the southeastern part of the township have asked trustees for faster response times for fire and EMS service. “We need better protection and response time in that area,” said Wayne Loudermilk, a resident of the Tartan Glen condominium complex across from Miami Meadows Park on Ohio Whitworth 131. Chris Thompson, a resident of the White Gate Farm subdivision, presented the trustees with a petition signed by 173 residents asking them to move forward with a new fire station in the southeastern part of the township. He said the fire and EMS response time for the area was in the 12- to 14minute range. Fire Chief Jim Whitworth said the response time figures cited by Thompson were from last year, when a lot of road construction was going on in the township. From April to September , the average response time for the area dropped to 9 minutes and 38 seconds, he said. Trustee Mary Makley Wolff said officials were working on reducing response times. Vol. 94 No. 35 © 2012 The Community Press ALL RIGHTS RESERVED See page A2 for additional information Gold and Silver BRING IN THIS AD AND RECEIVE ADDITIONAL 10% MORE MONEY PAID BY GRAM WT. WA T K I N S JEWELRY PLUS FULL SERVICE JEWELRY STORE 547 Loveland Madeira Rd. • Loveland, OH 45140 513-683-3379 SHOPPERS HAVEN PLAZA


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