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Stamp-.,lI" e I(ills II Persons At Coliseum Rock Concert Eleven people were killed' and eight At a pres:! conterence at otB trlc~ lor the concert, adding those figures fOU I' hours belore the gates we re canceling th e concert because he Several d led within ,bwoor three serlOU1dy Injured at .Rlverlront ColI - One poUce headquarters, Lt, Dale would bave to come from Coliseum opened, The Coliseum holds 16,000 thought the problem was Inside as m inutes, The whole o~currence tAok a human Menkhaus said two few doors were orrklals, "We wer,;!,l)'t over capacity lor concert events. Beu m Monday nl well !l.3 outside the coliseum; how - no more than Ml minutes. It's a:J:eal slamj)1!de thrOll ' iVa doors opened too late 1;0 handle the sellout or anything like tHat," said Shoner, "The crowd must have jammed e'Vcr. he dec ided against that when 'lad way,to go., belore the .ta.t1iWho rock . crowd, Coliseum ortlcJals would not the people up so tightly In lront thlj.t he learned the problem was outside, group con ~ert, Concertgoen Inside apparently POLICE OFFJCEKWalt,er Bruce. "We needed to get the dOors open comment on which doors were they just passed out. They dl<!n't The 'Hamllto opehed arid when, even lall down, They must have we re unaware 01 t he tragedy that who was ,'ali ti'ui' COliseu m, said the much e!l-rll"r," Menkhaua sa id, oHlc!Wlald the d The concert ptomoters. Electric jammed up so tight that they didn't had unfolded jUllt ol.ltslde the main vlctlms "were proQably stepped ,on gates . where the entrance ,,!,as and lell down; people just lell dO~ , male..~r and rour feIfi Il. A coroner'3 n,,"v SCflUEJlMAN, an usher at P'actory Concert3. based In Phila- get a,i Ya ir an!l just died, strewn wILh br ok,e!) gia s s , hats, 1 don't i!,now It they had been moved BpQkesma. n 3llld the agel< 01 the vlc - the main gate, '!1'ld the trou ble ap- de lphia , declined comment. A glove&, coats an4:beer cans, t in", ranged Tto.m 18 to the early pea red to start wb,~n bomeone threw 8pokuman rot' The Who said the CI~IN NATI SAFETY Director rrPu:t ,wlle!'ll, ,t hey lell. but most were T h e door s" are located on the a W'ay Iroriflthe door," 208, a bolU, at the il'lI.te and, broke the group hu II. booking In Burtalo Richard CasteUlnl, who responded A learn or clergYlTJen a,pcompa- tlqor's gla..~s, ." ~; " today, to , the COliseum,' said "apparently we s t Side of til e coliseum on th e flied"" oJ vlcUms thl'Olljlh the "The kids kept bre,ak~ll,g th.e gate Police Olflcer Dave Grawe said 'tl1l!re was such a.'large swell in the plata leveL Bruce said he saw several oodles" Ham il ton County morgue late Mon - - , !Tlore and more,.t Just coul(ln 't stop th e rUsh occurred between 7:30-8 , crowd' that there were some young , , A wltneSJ!, lsy D' Agostino, a Day- He sal d the bodies were prObably day night. [dentILy or the victim. them. They rushe<i the gaUl." ,-' p,m, Seats a.t the concert were both people who got caught up In 'th~ ton. Ohio, nurse, aald: "For some odd lound only arter the crowd passed W!UI to be role;!.8cd wmctlme todliy, M iLrk ShoneI', general manager reserved and open, pQllce and eon- swell and were suffocated or got reason peop le we r e compressed over them, completely (near the colise um ' The total" Du mbe r, Injured had 01 Cincinnati Tlcketton, woUld not ce r~goers Sa id, The qrOwclbea:an trample!!," !..L<W'-"':.l: LU.U'\:l<H!H!.l~ 1'!:!:L'1'2!'E¥ dl8Clolll! how many tickets were sold growing at3 p.m" pQllce sa!(l.:'~~arlY , ·'" \' Caatelllni ,said, he considered 'doors), Some made It. some didn't, ' (Continued ott''''ge .1\·2) Taesday BIC.4,1978 Mostly sunny with the high t.w.tween45 and 50 and !ow tonight of about 3(}, Partly cloudy tonight and Wednesday ,wl til a high Wedneway hi the middle or upper 50s, Chance ot precipitation today and tonlgM near U, Weather'map and details on Page A-8, silile Notice how many. wysrun on , electricity nowadays, took lor the biggest bro'wnout 01 the year on Chrllitmu morning, metra, Delay;,are 8oug,ht tor Beverly, Hills Supper CJuJ~J lre trial as Juror. are Seated, "Page V-5, It's a chee,~ul',urIi 'to books and study as Clnclnnat\1!cnools reopen, Page D-4-5, Overdue,paychecks are prom ised Norwood empioyees today but without some prolnlsed benefits, Page D-2, natian The t'TC charges cigarette Indust ry advertisements are undermining the effect of health warh1ngs on cigarette packages, Page A-II. business Generat Electrlc'and rival Pratt & Whitney bid to llIl f'rench alrcralt engine contracts, Page C oB, » people tlday' Neighborhoods haveileTiriite ' Ima!;es, And they go with the B~l ·,·'~···'~--"'--· in Ilr Iplniln ___ Rappears to be open .reason on the United States tor the ' . terrorists, Edltofla~A-l~ index Four Seciions;l:l9tlr.Year, No, 239 ACTION LINE· BlQRHYTHMS B· l' s-u BRIDGE C- i BUCK BUSINESS · C-8-Ji CLASSIFIED CLASSIQlJE COLUMNISTS £OMf(;S A· l 1 c-t ~ , ~=B:l ~ '(OROSSWeR£'l= OEARA8BY DEATHS ED!JORIALS ENTERTAINME NT GRAHAM HEA:L-'FH-• ~OSCOPE . 'D-<\ A-lC C·, ~_.c __.. , , B·13 B· 16 : ' C-f, SOCIETY: WEIK EL., WHEELER But Others Didn"t Care "Tragic" and "unbelievable" were among the adjectives used by some to describe the deaths 01 11 concertgoers killed at nlverlront Coliseum Monday night, - Others Interviewed during and after the concert appeared'o'ln,concerned, "People c011'llln't care, l ess," lamented Peggy Mathlew. 'i:t; of N.orwood, who was In line when ,\he massive crowd 01 tly attempted to break through a plazalevel col1Seum door. _ _ _ ~.. ,___ _ . - ':'There were 'broken OOttles all ' over the place," Mathlew 'Sald, "People w'e re kicking and shoving, They would rather see The Who than help someone who's dying, "They'd better not have another concert there ," Mathlew said, , CRIAG DeSAT,NICK, 22. Columbus,Ohlo, Said', "I don~t t h!nk many people.l,<now what happened," .',- " '.- ..... ' Persons leaving the concert at about 10 p,m:'Monday appeared apathetic vihen-talQ:oJ • Who is T:hEf:w.t\o., pa-ge 0-1, • Doors closed too long, Page 0·1. • Coliseum' s tiistory of concert trouqles, Page'0-6. lying on the- iiound, No one-did anything, No one cared:n -.:: ~-. .- :~~--:---~,.:.:.~. - .. ';.. --:.::-.;::-:.::::::::-~~ ..HTher~ was a_dead body lyingoil;the table with guts hang!~Lbll.t,'~ .~al<L:!!.!l other ma n who left the concert, "It was-gmss:'" As, ttiedoor burst and the crowd , surged through the coliseum: gates J;owarcLth'ecturnstIles, Michael and Barpa.ra Stre1!::oLWalnut HHlswere separated: , .O' "The crowd over on the other side seemed wilder," Barbara., 29, recalled:-" l-cu-u'i'd';see them cltmblng over 'g ates or :somethlng, There were kids 'up and over everything, t ll,,- n ..dea.ths.-.Otller~ocXC!uSed~blille·l/ -:T bere ..w!l8-a iot{)f-screa,n:tlng . and>yeUlng,';~. __ news. - ' -When' Ba.tbar_a5eacbed_tbe_tT,jtn~ll!~dl!e ., Many uninjured conc'ertgoers blamed, the . lone Of!\cer' be~'Sl!Outlng:"BaCl(' UP;eVei'Y ­ <IeiilJis and r(f"I'''drcTOW1lon--tlll!'~:n= body back up," s e said , HI trled'.to back :,up a dmission seatlhg (.In addition to reserved but most of thepeopliHrept'ptis'liIi'if;''T'C-''seating); In wh'lch fans must.. Vle-10f ,the best . FINALLY; THE St'teUS',2152Alpine;PIace, seats,-.- _ _ ",~:",~ reaChedeachotl1el''lrfi'FkleQ:t(netreat :~We .•, "We were al\ squlshed'," DeSatn1ck ,sald'ln .could see: bodies;' at-Ie:ast four-ot1;heni!on' the gescl'iQ~.n~~ro~~altjni)!:!!m~t()ILto tIfe, COhOCrt, .. \Ite.....wel'lljJTItcttcatly -'t:ji.l1irtg over}' . -- . ~I:Ybody wanl:J>;;-th·.get.~}r-l'h'ey~ were geW.m;.L,OwdY":"sg}!l Jim Camd-en,_16 , C()IJlmbusT ,=ho-w,as -~tarldlng withJ!.1r1elld_whe!l..Ui.~ D1~llJ~~g ";c,~v .. -'---Ca:m48l1,'SlttiRg,.~IS-.:In ~EoSENSE JliIMBLE Dea_th~_ _~Shocked~Some., foom at Gen~mLH{)splj;al" onJ1Is,kleIfd,..,temem :th b€'gatl' shlftlng-. lorwa - 0..." a ttempt.t;o.break dow. ~c"f ,: , , - W'XS->cr~~li!JJ. ,.You "!l~~~~k~?:f::an"iEWefe$Y~ irrg-them-mouth~W-ni-outll"t~scltat!on , try to revlve'them," ',O'__ ~ .. _ ~-eiY;~e"-S1.'trtfs>t'irre-up-ttretr -l'e,S&~aeat4lGkets,anc1.,.ge~""to'Jl!a;v~ ",, :: _ : r e k1ds came running by with this t!:l~Ka;i:ms,. We ,saw ,ano.thel'.one, Qn , ey, a s s Irt,ott;:tl'-yln.g.cto:.brJng, ;q~~~~~flf~iri~'~~~~~~~1~i~~'

Cincinnati Enquirer coverage of the Who concert incident on Dec. 3, 1979

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