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BUSINESS SPOTLIGHTB1 Your Community Press newspaper serving Columbia Township, Columbia-Tusculum, Fairfax, Hyde Park, Madisonville, Mariemont, Mt.Lookout, Oakley, Terrace Park E-mail: We d n e s d a y, J u l y 2 9 , 2 0 0 9 Meet hair stylist Lisa Bunch, owner of the Moda Salon in Fairfax. Volume 74 Number 25 © 2009 The Community Press ALL RIGHTS RESERVED JOURNAL Web site: B E C A U S E C O M M U N I T Y M AT T E R S Event unites police, residents National Nite Out set for Madisonville Tuesday, Aug. 4 By Forrest Sellers Share your vacation photos Whether you’re headed to the beach or the mountains this summer, we want to publish your vacation photos. To get started, go to and follow the steps there to send your photos to us. Be sure to identify everyone in the photo and what community they live in. Photos will appear on your community page and may even make it into your local newspaper, so start sharing today! FORREST SELLERS/STAFF Recreation center director Jason Richards talks with Sgt. Cassandra Tucker with the Cincinnati Police at the Madisonville Recreation Center. This year's National Night Out will be at the center, 5320 Stewart Ave., from 6 to 9 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 4. Head east Hyde Park Neighborhood Council member Annie McManis is ready to look east. Specifically, by bringing attention to East Hyde Park. “I think we have a great booming business district here,” she said. FULL STORY, A2 New spin A new local band is putting a different spin on Christian music. “We are not necessarily playing Christian music, but we are Christians that play music,” said Craig Dockery, who along with Ryan Adcock have formed the band flaregun.” Flaregun recently released its first album, “ten sundays.” FULL STORY, A4 Sidewalk fix Terrace Park will spend $25,000 to repair a few sidewalks, and replace gutters and downspouts on village buildings. At a recent meeting, council authorized $19,290 to fix sidewalks on Myrtle, Marietta, Floral and Amherst avenues, and grind 72 identified trip hazards. FULL STORY, A6 To place an ad, call 242-4000. Cincinnati Police are bringing the upcoming National Night Out a little closer to the community. In previous years, the event has been at Ault and Armleder parks. This year it will be at the Madisonville Recreation Center. The event will be 6-9 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 4, at 5320 Stewart Ave. It will feature the traditional equipment and vendor displays as well as live entertainment. It’s an event that brings the police and community together, said Sgt. Cassandra Tucker, who is a neighborhood liaison officer with the Cincinnati Police Department, District Two. “It’s also about showing kids a different side of the police, to see us on a more personal level,” Tucker said. Kathy Garrison, executive director of Madisonville Weed and Seed, said the National Night Out, along with recent neighborhood If you go What: National Night Out When: 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Aug. 4. Where: Madisonville Recreation Center, 5320 Stewart Ave. enhancements and Madisonville’s bicentennial celebration, puts a positive spotlight on the community. “It gives a lot of residents an opportunity to participate,” she said. National Night Out co-chairman Tom Meyer, who along with Peter Brumm and Craig Gustafson has helped promote the event for a decade, said the National Night Out will circulate to different communities each year. “The overall atmosphere is going to be the same,” said Meyer, who is a resident of Montgomery. “The twist is we can also bring in some local flavor.” For information, visit the Web site Columbia Twp. project still up in air By Rob Dowdy Officials from Columbia Township and Neyer Properties are still working out the details of a tax increment financing agreement for a proposed new development in the township. The township conducted a public hearing last week to take public input on the potential $21 million office and retail development that would replace the vacant Kmart building on Ridge Road. This comes about two weeks after the developer conducted an informational meeting for residents. The main sticking point from the township appears to be the FILE PHOTO This is a drawing of the planned Ridge Point office and retail development on the old Kmart building site on Ridge Avenue in Columbia Township. Township trustees and Neyer Properties, the potential developer of the site, continue to negotiate on a tax-increment-financing deal. developer’s price tag for 2.46 acres on the site, which the township would buy and then lease to Neyer in order to redevelop the land. Trustee President Steve Langenkamp said Neyer is asking $1.9 million, despite Columbia Township having the land appraised for about $1.2 million. “For me ... you’ve got to show me the value in this project for that $700,000,” Langenkamp said. Dan Neyer, president of Neyer Properties, was in attendance and answered several questions from residents. He said the project could bring 450 jobs to the area, stabilize property values and turn an eyesore into a new office and retail development. Neyer said his company needs assistance in order to get the project off the ground and the tax increment financing is the way to get the money to pay for the development. “Without some assistance ... we must keep it vacant or rent for a low-rent use,” he said. While residents in attendance expressed both negative and positive reactions to the development, resident Mark Opitz asked those at the meeting if there was a better option. “If we don’t do this, are we going to have a vacant Kmart, a recycling center?” he said. Both Langenkamp and Neyer said they’ve made compromises in order to reach an agreement, and talks continued in executive session at the conclusion of the public hearing. Candidates set for Mariemont council election By Lisa Wakeland Joe Miller, Andy Black, Cortney Scheeser and Kevin Veeneman want a spot on Mariemont Village Council. The four men, representing Districts 2, 3, 4 and 6, respectively, are the official Town Meeting nominees for the November election. Todd Keyes, chairman of Town Meeting, said the organization is similar to a political action committee and ensures proper representation for all six council districts. Candidates are usually selected in March. Recently, Councilwoman Melissa Schmit decided not to run for re-election to spend more time with her family and Town Meeting reconvened last week to find a District 4 representative. Cortney Scheeser, who won the District 4 election, said she decided to run to become more involved. “From what I’ve seen, a fresh perspective could be a real help to the village,” he said. “I’m new to politics, but can’t wait to get in and make a difference in the community.” Scheeser said he’s particularly interested in the new “Residential D” zoning district and solving the village’s budget deficit. THE WEEKLY ADS: NOW CLICKABLE. Browse the weekly ads from your favorite stores any day of the week, all in one place - online at Cincinnati.Com/weeklyads. Great deals and great features, like your own shopping list, are just a click away. » Shop now at Cincinnati.Com/weeklyads Search: weekly ads 50¢ Council candidates • Joe Miller, District 2; currently held by Rex Bevis. • Andy Black, District 3; currently held by Charlie Thomas. • Cortney Scheeser, District 4; currently held by Melissa Schmit. • Kevin Veeneman, District 6; currently held by Bill Ebelhar. Carl Stich, the other District 4 candidate, said he’s not disappointed by the results. “I’m sure Cortney has a point of view that will be valuable for council,” Stich said, adding that he will not petition to have his name on the ballot. “I have a great deal of respect for the Town Meeting process.” Keyes said any Mariemont resident can run for council as long as petitions are submitted to the Hamilton County Board of Elections on time, though Town Meeting-endorsed candidates typically have an advantage. Schmit said she feels better about stepping down now that District 4 has a candidate. “I take council very seriously (and) it’s a huge time commitment,” she said. “I’ve given it everything I can and am going to let somebody else have a shot at it.”

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