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EASTERN HILLS JOURNAL Your Community Press newspaper serving Columbia Township, Columbia-Tusculum, Fairfax, Hyde Park, Madisonville, Mariemont, Mt. Lookout, Oakley, Terrace Park WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 1, 2014 75¢ BECAUSE COMMUNITY MATTERS Owners Joe Santorelli, Susan Selzer and B.J. Hughes stand in front of the mural of “regulars” at Arthur’s in Hyde Park. They’re opening a second location in Anderson Township next year. LISA WAKELAND/THE COMMUNITY PRESS Arthur’s opening new restaurant in Anderson Hyde Park favorite opens at Red Chopsticks site By Lisa Wakeland A popular Hyde Park restaurant is opening a second location in Anderson Township. Arthur’s Café, which is near Hyde Park Square, plans to open next year in the former Red Chopsticks and Perkins building at 8221 Beechmont Ave.. “We really feel like Anderson is missing good local, independently owned restaurants,” said B.J. Hughes, one of three owners. “Our customers and people we know who live out here have expressed and interest in us coming (to Anderson).” Hughes and his partners, Joe Santorelli and Susan Selzer, have owned Arthur’s for 16 years. They paid off the loan earlier this year and planned to spend this year scouting locations for a second restaurant, but the deal came through quicker than they anticipated. “We looked at several parts of town, but we always had sort of an affinity for the Anderson area,” Hughes said, adding both he and Santorelli went to McNicholas High School. Selzer and Santorelli live in Anderson Township, and Hughes lives in Union Township. “The greatest motivator, from a personal stand- point, is when you want to get together with friends or family there’s not a lot to choose from that has quality food with a full bar and a non-corporate, cheesy atmosphere,” Hughes said. The menu at the new Anderson Township restaurant will be almost identical to the one at the Hyde Park location, 3516 Edwards Road. “We’re known for our burgers, and a staple is burger madness special on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays where you can get our half-pound burger and fries with any toppings,” Hughes said. Like the Hyde Park location, the Anderson Township restaurant will have a bar area with tables and a quieter dining room around the perimeter. “One of our goals is to bring as much of the Hyde Arthur’s Café, which is near Hyde Park Square, is opening a second location in the former Red Chopsticks and Perkins building on Beechmont Avenue in Anderson Township. LISA WAKELAND/THE COMMUNITY PRESS Park ambiance out here to Anderson, and we’re super excited and so energized to do this,” Hughes said. “We hope we can make the area proud. We’re already involved in the community, and we hope the restaurant is a vehicle for us to be even more involved.” Township Trustee Russ Jackson said he’s excited about Arthur’s coming to Anderson. “It’s quite a positive thing for the community,” Jackson said. “It’s not a fast-food restaurant, and that’s the big thing people keep saying.” Arthur’s in Anderson Township is expected to open in April. New police officer, insurance put Mariemont over budget Council approves $390K change to cover expenses By Lisa Wakeland Mariemont council had to make a last minute change to its 2013 appropriations because the village overspent in several areas. Council unanimously approved a $390,000 change at its last meeting of 2013. Village Clerk/Treasurer Tony Borgerding said some of the money is a cushion to make sure Mariemont had enough to cover expenses through Dec. 31, but more than half of it was because the village was over budget. “Overall, we’re about $200,000 over our budget, and a lot of it is because of the new people we (hired) and the health insurance was more than expected,” he said. “On health care, I underestimated it and that’s why it’s up, plus we added an additional police officer.” Last February, Mayor Dan Policastro announced he hired a new full-time police officer to bring the department back to 10. At the time, he said the village FOOD CAMPUS HEROES Rita’s red beans and rice is her take on the traditional New Year’s Hoppin’ John. Full story, B3 Catch up with local athletes now in college See Sports, A4 was “in good shape financially,” so there was no need to run the decision through council’s Finance Committee. Council, in early 2010, decided not to fill a vacancy in the police department after one officer retired to help keep projected budget deficits in check. Mariemont’s code of ordinances, Policastro said in February, states the police department is to have 10 officers, and it gives Contact us News ..........................248-8600 Retail advertising ..............768-8404 Classified advertising .........242-4000 Delivery ........................576-8240 See page A2 for additional information the mayor the ability to fill the position. Borgerding also said Mariemont police are doing a lot more work to catch drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol, which can add up to a lot of overtime, but it also brings in money. He also said the Paramedic Fund, separate from the general fund, was about $40,000 under See BUDGET, Page A2 Vol. 33 No. 49 © 2014 The Community Press ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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