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CATCH A STAR B1 Your Community Recorder newspaper serving the communities of southern Campbell County Julia Steffen and Sadie Boschert T h u r s d a y, J a n u a r y 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 RECORDER Web site: B E C A U S E C O M M U N I T Y M AT T E R S 50¢ Campbell heads for repeal of smoking ban Volume 6, Number 12 © 2011 The Community Recorder ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Students build daycare center A new daycare center being built at Newport High School has offered the vocational classes and unique learning opportunity. Students from several carpentry and construction classes at the school have been working since the beginning of the school year constructing the new center, which is being built to accommodate students with children. SCHOOLS, A5 By Chris Mayhew Mighty Mike While the cold penguin exhibit at the Newport Aquarium is closed for renovations, patrons are in for a new, very big, attraction. Mighty Mike, a 14foot long, 800-pound American alligator, is now on display at the aquarium. “He has the ability to just awe people,” said Ric Urban, curator of birds and mammals at the aquarium. “He is one of those showstoppers that people keep coming back to see.” LIFE, B1 Collection time In the next few days your Community Press carrier will be stopping by to collect $2.50 for delivery of this month’s Alexandria Recorder. Your carrier retains half of this amount Amber along with any tip you give to reward good service. This month we’re featuring Amber Holzschuh who attends Campbell County Middle School. She participates in the Campbell County High School Marching Band of Pride where she plays flute, the Campbell County Swim and Dive Team andthe middle school F.P.S. Team. Amber likes to go on mission trips with her church youth group and likes to help others. For more information about delivery or the junior carrier program, call Sharon Schachleiter at 442-3464. To place an ad, call 283-7290. CHRIS MAYHEW/STAFF Main Street Baptist Church Pastor Robert Franklin, left, administers the oath of office to Alexandria’s new Mayor Bill Rachford as he places his hand on a Bible in the hands of his wife Susan Rachford at the start of the first Alexandria City Council meeting of 2011 on Jan. 6. Alexandria mayor takes office By Chris Mayhew Incoming mayor Bill Rachford used a large Bible and an oversized gavel at his first council meeting as mayor Jan. 6. After the city attorney swore in the six members of council, Rachford put his hand on a Bible held by his wife Susan, and swore to uphold Kentucky’s constitution as the pastor of his church administered the oath of office. In a jovial moment after the swearing in, Rachford picked up an oversized gavel and declared “It’s like Boehner’s,” in a reference to the gavel used by the new U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives, Congressman John Boehner, R-West Chester. Rachford said he plans to use his own gavel “sparingly,” and like President Teddy Roosevelt he will “speak softly and carry a big stick” in a reference to one of the 26th president’s famous quotes. Later in the meeting, Rachford took on a more serious tone, setting out a list of objectives, many of which he had campaigned upon. Rachford said one of his primary objectives was to keep taxes low, but because of the economy, mal coffee with the mayor sessions from 10 a.m. to noon the first Saturday of each month starting Feb. 5, where people can come and speak with him about anything on their mind. Also, the Thursday, March 3 council meeting will be a town hall-style meeting format, he said. CHRIS MAYHEW/STAFF Rachford said he hopes to Alexandria Mayor Bill Rachford lifts up a large gavel he said have three or four town he plans to use “sparingly” during his first council meeting hall-style meetings a year as mayor Thursday, Jan. 6. Rachford said, “It’s like if people are interested in Boehner’s” as he wielded the gavel publicly for the first showing up. time, in a reference to the oversized gavel Congressman “We want to find out John Boehner, R-West Chester, is wielding as the new what’s important to the Speaker of the House after taking over the leading position citizens of Alexandria and in the U.S. House of Representatives on Jan. 5. how we can best serve people,” he said. city revenues have dropped Rachford said he will ride along slightly. with city public works employees “We need to improve our effi- during a heavy snow so he can ciency, and account for every dol- see what sorts of things they lar that comes in,” he said. encounter when doing their job, The alternative is raising taxes, so he can answer resident’s quesand that’s not an option he or res- tions when they call about snow idents want, Rachford said. removal. He also wants to see During his tenure, Rachford what a police officer goes through said he plans to improve commu- in a typical shift by riding along nication and restart the city’s with them. newsletter electronically using the Rachford said he also will be city’s website. He will also be starting inforSee MAYOR on page A2 County Market robbery suspect arrested By Chris Mayhew An employee at Alexandria’s County Market didn’t think a regular customer was serious when the man handed over a note demanding money – that is until he brandished a knife. According to a news release from the Alexandria Police Department, Brandon McMillian, 32, of Alexandria, allegedly robbed County Market at knifepoint Jan. 5. McMillian was apprehended Jan. 10, in Cincinnati and was being held at the Hamilton County Justice Center. McMillian first called the store and asked whether a wire transfer of money for him had arrived yet, and he was informed it hadn’t, according to the news release. The employee had just put down the phone after ending the call with McMillian, who identified himself over the phone, when he came up to the service desk, said Lt. George Schreiner, public information officer for the police department. “He was either inside the store or right outside,” Schreiner said of McMillian. “As soon as they got off the phone with him he was right there.” McMillian is a frequent customer of County Market, Schreiner said. “They were familiar with him, and that’s why they denied him initially because she (the employee) thought it was a joke and that’s when he pulled the knife,” Schreiner said. No cash was recovered in the arrest of McMillian. For more about your community, visit Any vote to repeal the new smoking ban on indoor workplaces passed in December by Campbell County Fiscal Court likely won’t happen until February. Although the issue wasn’t on the agenda for the Jan. 5 Fiscal Court meeting in Alexandria, a move by a 3-1 margin of the four representatives on the court was made to draft a repeal ordinance. Before their move to repeal the ban, commissioners listened to a crowd of people packed into the meeting chambers, that required the county’s police chief to block the door to prevent going over the fire code capacity limit for the room. Although four people spoke in favor of keeping the ban, the crowd was primarily comprised of an organized group of people wearing neon green circle stickers with the message “REPEAL SMOKING BAN NOW.” Charlie Coleman of Alexandria said Judge-executive Steve Pendery had long promised that Kenton, Boone and Campbell would stick together when it came to any smoking legislation. “That promise has not been upheld to us judge,” Coleman said. “I’m very disappointed.” Kenton County has approved an indoor smoking ban with some exemptions for bars, and Boone County stepped away from the issue entirely in the summer of 2010. After hearing more than an hour of heated comments from the crowd, Pete Garrett made good on the promise he made in the fall, to make his first motion upon taking office a request to draft an ordinance to repeal the smoking ban. “I’d like to second that motion,” said Commissioner Brian Painter, also in his first meeting since being elected. County Attorney Steve Franzen said he will have a repeal ordinance ready for a first reading by the next meeting, Jan 19. Commissioner Ken Rechtin, who voted in December against the ban, said he supported a repeal ordinance, while Judgeexecutive Steve Pendery, who cast the deciding vote in December to pass the law, said he was not in favor of a repeal. Rechtin said he didn’t want discount all the research about the health of risks secondhand smoke, and asked the county administrator to see if Boone and Kenton counties are willing to create an ordinance requiring the posting of warning signs at the entrances to businesses where smoking is permitted to recognize See SMOKING on page A2 START BUILDING © 2009 CareerBuilder, LLC. All rights reserved.


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