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Allow a minimum of five hours for this activity. One hr drive each way, 20min to 5 hour walks and on the way home you can visit the Holy Cow restaurant for an icecream. How to get there: From Tin Dragon Trail Cottages turn right onto the Tasman Highway (A3). Drive up over the hill out of Branxholm. Continue along the Tasman Highway through Derby, Moorina to Weldborough (26 Km), or turn right into the Mt Paris Dam Rd (C425) just on the outskirts of Branxholm and travel to Welborough by this gravel road (19km). From Welborough you can continue on the A3 to the Little Plains Lookout (6.8 km from Welborough)—turn into Lottah road to view the lookout, or you can continue on to the Anchor road turnoff (17km from Welborough, A3). Forestry signage on Lottah Road On Lottah road take the left-hand forks in the road till you reach the Lottah junction, 7.6 km from the Tasman Highway turnoff. When you reach the Lottah junction turn left onto Poimena Road and continue till you reach the abandoned town of Poimena (11.5 km from the Tasman Highway turn-off). Alternately you can turn left into the Anchor Road (to Goulds Country) turnoff (17 km from Welborough on the Tasman highway). The Anchor Road has signage to direct visitors to Poimena. Although there are some gravel stretches, Anchor Rd is a better maintained road than Lottah Road. Less than 1 km along the Anchor Rd is a turn-off to the right to the Halls Falls car park then another 4 km further along is a small car park for the Anchor Stamper’s – a short 10 min walk. Continue past Lottah (8 km from Tasman Highway) and take the Poimena Road till you reach the abandoned town of Poimena.T he Blue Tiers is our favourite camping area. We love that it isn’t crowded and its clear flowing steams. I love that the environment is so varied, from wind-swept alpine shrubs, stressed tea tree, myrtle, pepperberry, open grass, eucalypts, The Goblins (children’s) walk Great location for a family picnic marshy peat moss. There are more walks than you could possibly do in a few days, so we keep going back. I like the walk from Poimena to Welborough the best. The reward after a four-hour walk? A great meal and cold cider at the Weldborough pub! But you need to be organised for this walk, with one car at each end; well at least if you don’t want to turn around and head back up the hill (and up, and up, and up). Signage at Poimena describes the seven formed tracks and track are mostly well marked. There’s great interpretation too, with stories of the old miners.

Poimena Blue Tiers

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