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Allow a minimum of two hours for this activity. 40 mins drive each way, 20 minute walk, then you can visit the Holy Cow restaurant for an icecream and to taste award-winning cheddar! How to get there: From Tin Dragon Trail Cottages turn right onto the Tasman Highway (A3). Drive up over the hill out of Branxholm. Continue along the Tasman Highway through Derby, Moorina to Weldborough (26 Km). From Welborough you can continue on the A3 past the Little Plains Lookout (6.8 km from Welborough). Continue on the A3 to the Anchor road turnoff (17 km from Welborough, A3). Less than 1 km along the Anchor Rd is a turn-off to the right to the Halls Falls car park then another 4 km further along the Anchor Road is a small car park for the Anchor Stamper’s – a short 10 min walk. It is signposted. The Anchor Road is a well maintained gravel road suitable for the family sedan car. Izumi Toyohara at the entrance to the walk Feb 2014. A part of the track was washed out by a bursting dam a few years ago. And the track is no longer maintained. So take care if you choose this walk. It is probably not a good idea to attempt the walk after or during heavy rain! However we have been in to the stampers several times in the last 6 months (2013-14). Remember to be careful because you walk at your own risk. The waterwheel (recorded as the largest in Tasmania) was an estimated 20m in diameter, 1.34m wide and weighing 100 tonnes, and was used to power a 40-head stamper battery. Many streams and water races were needed to provide water – 10 tonnes of water was required to drive one revolution of the wheel. However, an inadequate supply of water meant that only about 30 of the 40 stampers could be used. The mine closed and was sold two years later. The battery at this site consists of 2 sets of 10-head stamps, which were relocated from Tasmania’s west coast in the 1930’s and powered by a Gardener diesel motor till the mine closed in 1950. The Anchor Tin Mine Stampers (1930). The original stampers were driven by Tasmania’s largest waterwheel.

Anchor stampers

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